What the heck is this?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by realPragmatist, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Found this on an outdoor plant brought inside a week or two ago. There's no other leaves that look like this, tho there's some dead curled ones that I suspect are from under watering. They don't have the holes nor the webbing tho. 20190822_165404.jpg 20190822_165409.jpg 20190822_165414.jpg

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  2. Looks like a web to me....
  3. What are you trying to identify, The cannabis leaf or the spider mites?

    Open up the curled leaves. You’ll probably find more webs there.
  4. Spider man was going after Mary Jane. ;)
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  5. I wouldn't swear to it, but I *think* that's a caterpillar or moth 'nest'. I had one of my plants affected by them last year. It's basically a chrysalis, but the caterpillar uses the leaf as part of its nest. The plant I had that had them developed bud rot everywhere where they were at.

    Do a thorough inspection of your plant and remove all the leaves that are curled over on themselves with webbing or web-like material.

    btw and fwiw --
    It's hard moving plants from outdoors to indoors and vice versa. Well, not hard, exactly, but you need to take steps. When moving a plant from indoors to outdoors, you should 'harden' the plant by putting it in sunlight for increasing amounts of time for several days before you move it outside. Just tossing the plant outside won't kill it, but it will stress it more than if you spend some time hardening the plant. When you move a plant from outside to inside, it's always a wise idea to isolate the plant for a week or so, and during that time do all you can to insure there's no pests moving inside with it. If it's early enough in the season (ie, before flowering really sets in) it's a good idea to spray with neem oil and insecticidal soap to make sure you've got a clean, pest-free plant.
  6. OTOH and like Jon said, could be spider mites. Depends. Do your leaves have little white dots all over the place?
  7. No other sign of mites, I've had those in different grows before. I know ive got a solitary leaf hopper running around. Little fucker knows im after it or something lol.

    @Jon I had to do it quick, landlord issues. But I will take that to note for future reference, thank you.

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  8. Ha ha I know the feeling! I've got something chomping my plants but whenever I look, it's not there! :confusedalt:

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