What the heck is a bump!?

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    im not to fond to internet "lingo" or shit like that...for months ive been wondering what troll is.....that doesnt matter i just find it a dumb name:p but is a bump, a post or thread that gets moved? or deleted? just disliked? what the hell does it mean?

    ahhhh, i get the idea now:]
    good context clues:p
  2. im currently bumping this thread, to the top, even though its probably still there.. (dont do that to your own thread) unless its a day or more old LOL
  3. Next person to bump sux cox n dix

  4. :wave:

    Learn to use Google OP

    OP= Original poster :D
  5. This is a bump

  6. No, this is a bump


  7. I think the first one wins:p


  8. LOOK AT THEIR FACES! i wonder what the chick said afterwards:p I woulda pushed his fat belly to the floor and made him ride the rest of the way like that:D
  9. Depending upon which context you use it in. Could mean anything from moving a thread up in line or snorting an illegal substance progressively to keep a high going.... Speaking of which.
  10. It's also when you stick your pinky finger into a bag of powder and eat it and get super :hippie:
  11. bump up my post
  12. while we're on the internet lingo subject, wtf is smurfing
  13. What's a bump? It's a lovely lady lump

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  14. haha yeah we all know what that kinda bump is:p
  15. yeah thats another one!

  16. im gonna google what smurfing is!
    arnt you proudd of your student!?
  17. 1. SMURFING 395 up, 218 down
    The act of hitting someone across the face with one's penis
    I SMURFED the bus driver for arriving late; would you like me to SMURF you?; What lovely weather for smurfing
    buy smurfing mugs & shirts
    by Spyke Mar 17, 2003 share this add a video
    2. smurfing 252 up, 99 down
    Gaming term: Entering your regular server under a different name so u can see whats going on without being recognized.

    Commonly used by server admins and the like.
    l4m3rtw4t: you cock sucking idiot i will spam as much as i like for i am a n00b
    l4m3rtw4t: wwwwwwwww0000000wwwwwwwwdddddfkkkkkkk
    Player1: Thats not a good idea
    l4m3rtw4t: fuck you dick, i own you and will always
    {Player1 Signed As ADMIN }
    l4m3rtw4t: Shit
    buy smurfing mugs & shirts
    by Moggy006 Jun 14, 2004 share this add a video
    3. smurfing 164 up, 76 down
    Purchasing small amounts of pseudoephedrine in several stores or by groups of people, with the purpose of using it to make metamphetamine.
    They're off to smurf every pharmacy in the main street.

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