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  1. Okay at first seemed that all of my plants are female. Now I have beginning to notice that one plant produces buds but also sacks underneath them. Is it a hermie? Other ones are just fine, they continue to do their bud collection. But here's the catch: that particular hermie or male if you want already bursted some of the sacks but there's no sign of defloration on other plants. They just keep producing buds.

    Picture of sacks and bud are attached (sorry about the quality - phone camera).

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  2. Its DEFINATLY producing some male pods. I'd get it away from the girls ASAP.
  3. What should I do with it? I don't wanna waste the whole plant.
  4. Chop it down ASAP.
  5. Picture of sacks and bud are attached (sorry about the quality - phone camera).

    what kind of phone do you have:confused: cause those pics are verry nice :rolleyes::smoke:
  6. kill it u can make hash or budder but i honestly usually just throw males away...
  7. SE K800.

    The male goes for the execution tomorrow morning. :)
  8. yep, definately a male. sorry to here that lol
  9. cool( not the male part =/)
  10. Yeah it's the only phone with digital camera, capable of taking pictures just like with ordinary compact digital camera. This means that it has built-in 3.2MP camera with xenon flash. Fuck N95 if it does not have xenon flash. K800 eats it for breakfast. ;)

    Enough 'bout phones... The male is already dead. ;)
  11. Those are some really nice pictures for a camera phone.
  12. ^^^^ girl he geeked up bitch i might be gucci mane yehhhh
  13. Camera phones are junk i dont care if they have a xenon flash.

    hehe my Nikon D1X with my speedlight is great :D
    also my Nikon E5000 is pretty nice for a point n shoot does awsome macroshots.



    Andrewbud is bored this morning.
  14. now all you need is a camera that can rotate pictures cause my neck hurts:D
  15. AndrewBud, try to call someone with your supadupa camera, take a picture meanwhile and show that to him via UMTS. Yes... the shutter button is magical on those nikons... you never know, maybe it'll call your friend.

    I have never understood people who compare apples and peaches. We were taking about phone cameras, not about SLR digital cameras. I doubt you can keep that big chunk of machinery every single second in your pocket. And if you do have a traffic accident where a picture evidence is a must you just go "hey man I have got a pretty neat digital camera just 50 miles away from here... so you should stay here until I grab it and we'll go for a photoshooting."

    I'm terribly sorry but most of American people just have this moral philosophy that something bigger or better in their possesion is automatically their falical extension. "Buhuhuhu, fuck your stuff, mine shit is better."
    You should admit that the only reason you have replied to this thread is because you have felt offended coz there's absolutely no topic where you could cry out about your expensive Nikon's piece of ABS plastic, overpayed zillion times.

    You are honestly a complete idiot.
  16. I am the complete idiot ?
    you couldnt tell the difference between a male and female!

    and if you read my reply I have two cameras ONE DSLR and my Point n shoot e5000 which is pretty damn small compard to the SLR....

    so you brain dead retard get your shit straight.

  17. funny thing a few people sent me +rep for that nice macro shot

    so eat my nuts captain mush brain.

  18. what kind of moron thinks new growth are buds?
  19. You should really get yourself a pair of glasses...

    Go and play in that shitty Canadian snow stupid American imbecile. I cannot tell the difference between male and female plant, but I speak your language fluently and other four major languages of the world. Can you speak in Slavic language? Well, you can try... At least I speak your language, idiot.

    Case dismissed... I'm really not in the mood to argue with this mere piece of atoms with half of a brain cell.
  20. Yay, another troll!

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