what the heck am I doing?

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  1. I jumped into growing when my girlfriend and I got a pretty seedy bag. I've read before that with growing bagseed there's a pretty good chance it may have hermie traits, or become a male plant. I was aware of this when I decided to try.
    I germinated the seeds using paper towel in a ziplock bag. Wome seeds were brown, others were white or green. Three out of the nine I planted grew a "tail" and I proceeded to plant them in "gardeners pride" soil, because the bag said there was perlite, worm casings, "forest mulch" and moss. This was before I knew about nutes, though the bag did say organic. After asking a few friends I was able to find an f17 t8 office style ballast and six tubes in the various blue and red spectrums, as well as two light fixtures with a handful of 825-835L cool and warm cfl lights. Until this point I havent paid a dime. Two of the three seeds didnt make it. I left one cfl on the pot until it sprouted its round leaves, and a very small true leaves. I then popped on the T8 and left them in a linen closet that maintains about 73 white walls and a white drawstring garbage bag to keep heat in and block the brown door. The first real leaves have grown significantly longer (after some cfl adjustment, stretching occured) I'm still on my first set of leaves, but the leaves have grown significantly darker green in the middle shaft. Is this normal? When should I expect her (hopefully!) Second set? And when would be a good time to start adding nutes, and how do I add them? I plan on adding more cfl lights in veg state, and I spritz the seedling about twice a week with tap water (its all I have) which big box store like Lowes can I get nutes from? And what should I buy, and when? Sorry for so many questions and a lengthy post, im absolutely new and I get so much enjoyment and gratification out of growing. Thanks.
  2. I have them on a 20/4 light schedule. I havent added any nutes.

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