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  1. Me, my brother and my friend were out in the woods yesterday sitting on a rock, just chilling and passing a Blunt around. We finish one and my brother wants to run to the corner store, so we all head out, while we are heading out, we see these guys in Shakespearean dress heading into a clearing in the woods.. We were kinda creeped out but we figured they were part of a drama club or something so we go to the store get some munchies and head back.

    We sit back down at the rock and i light up another one, my ass starts to hurt so i get up and start heading towards the clearing, i have the joint so my friends follow. About halfway there we see this girl hanging from a tree with a rope around her neck, and some girl reading a scroll in some language we never heard. We are freaked out but we keep watching, passing the joint back and forth. The girl reading the scroll starts yelling at the sky with her arms above her head, and my friend goes "WHAT THE FUCK" really loud.

    All the people turn around and look at us, the girl reading yells at this figure in all black and he jumps and starts running towards us. We are freaked out of our minds, so we start running in the opposite direction, we run for like, a minute and then stop. My friends looks around and says.. "where's your brother?" and i say i have no idea.. So, we lost my bro, we thought we just witnessed a murder so we keep heading in the same direction we were heading until we hear a roar.. my friend thinks its an ogre, and I'm scared shitless so i agree. We were stuck between murderers and an ogre, so we decide to head back in the direction of the murderers.. :eek::eek::eek:

    We find my brother lying on the ground a couple meters back, because he was too scared to move or speak. Then we quietly went back to the road..

    SO... it turns out we ruined an almost perfect rehearsal of "Romeo and Juliet" and I still have no idea what the roar was..scariest shit of my life.
  2. This one time i bought a book from a library.......and forgot to return it, it haunts me to this day, everytime i here a police siran i hide.

    But haha cool story man that shit's crazy
  3. LOL^ Yea that shit was fucked
  4. hahah funny shit man. I would of done exactly the same thing as u if i was stoned, stuff like that becomes so much more 'real'. lol i dont really know what im saying but yeah..
  5. Crazy shit, I hate being freaked out stoned, it blows. Pretty funny that it was a rehearsal though. :p
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember a girl being hanged in Romeo & Juliet..

    I call bullshit.
  7. Probably the suicide in the last scene. It's supposed to be poison but Shakespeare is always open for dramatic interpretation and perhaps Juliet hanging herself is more dramatic and more appropriate for a small scale production?
  8. Hahahaha that's fucking awesome, I'm sure that made your high pretty intense

  9. I don't know WHAT the fuck was going on lol
  10. i wish i was there :smoke: i woulda busted into that clearing yelling incomprehensible shit at the girl with the scroll, all the while jumping around like a monkey.
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    Thread is rightfully named... lol
    :confused: Why the murderers? If I could choose between a Shrek like creatures and a bunch of murderers, I would go with the Shreks.
  12. haha OP i would have been scared shitless:eek: if i saw some crazy shit like that.

    Why would they change it. julia didn't commit suicude she fakes suicide with the drink. If i saw someone hanged, id be pretty sure they are completely dead. Why would they have hung her? Unless its the other scene where she actually kills herself after romeo kills himself. idk why would they have changed it. too stoned:smoking:
  13. lol oh yeah i totally forgot about that :smoke:. erm probably to make it more obvious to the audience, I don't know tho hahah
  14. aside from the jumping like a monkey this is pretty much what i was thinking

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