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  1. Hello blades, so yesterday I had some pretty legit plans with this chick. Earlier this week we had hung out and made out a couple times and she said she wanted to spend the night at my house on Saturday. I was pumped because the other 2 days where pretty great and they would have been better if we had more time to hang out. So yesterday rolls around and I was excited all day. We finally hang out and we decide to drive around a little then come back to my house. We sit for a little and I try to make a few moves on her, she just wasn't having it. I did everything right and she just didn't want anything to do with it. I decided to say fuck it and roll with it. She wanted to go to a party to spend the night but I had work the next morning so I really didn't want to get all fucked up and then be miserable at work the next day. We smoked a little bit and she got pretty fucking baked. We drove around a bit more and then her mom called her for mothers day and she got all upset. I decided we should just go back to my place and just go to bed because this was turning out pretty bad. We get back and she just decides to be distant and not be close or anything. We woke up this morning and her step dad found out she wasn't where she said she was going last night, so now i'm guessing she is in trouble and I will forever be tainted with getting her in trouble. What the fuck do I do?

    tl;dr chick wanted to spend night, things where good earlier this week, saturday was a flop, turned out to be a buzzkill, shes in trouble because of me
  2. man that happens to me with dudes!

    people suck.
  3. Why would she do that shit? I really don't get it. I drove her around, had a fun time and bought bud and the least she could do is fucking give me a hug, little lone kiss me a few times.
  4. dude, i hear this from my stoner guy friends too much.

    that girl liked getting fucked up with you and that was all she wanted, sounds to me.

    the fact that you smoked after she cxled on you, dude. idk.
  5. I was living in the moment :(
  6. nah, man, this just happened to my best bro buddy, and i had to let him down gently, helping him realize she was a tease for weed and booze.
  7. bitches will be bitches
  8. she sounds fucked in the head anyways dont worry bout it

  9. yea if she plays games now, she will later.
  10. I decided I'm done and I'm going to stop talking to her. She had her last chance and she blew it. Time to focus on myself and getting out of high school and making as much money as I possibly can. :smoke:

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