what the fuck..?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420alldaylong, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. so today every last friend in my group decided that i was using them for everything they have.
    complete bullshit, i would give my friends shit they needed when they cant afford it etc.
    even bring over my own food if i was tryin to eat, knowin theyre broke and not wanting to eat there food except for a couple times.
    im like in shock right now, its fucked up
  2. Usually people like this only throw out these accusations once they're done using you for all you have.

    Maybe they just found a new person to mooch off of.
  3. this is just so fucked up... i dont even know.
    ive hung out with these people the passed 4 years.
    now they never want to see me again
    i know i probably sound immature or something but i cant even describe how low i feel cus of this.
    literally 0 friends anymore.
  4. well this means they never really thought of you as a great friend, and i mean all of them. One of them could have at least gave you a call when the others werent around telling you what was really up, cause I think they found someone new to mooch off of or something. Cheer up, there are plenty of other people around who smoke and enjoy people and friends without mooching
  5. trust me dude i know how u feel but mabe meet some peope in ur area on GC the people on here are pretty cool and i dont know if its a gainst rules but w.e. id say those kids were dicks and werent ur friends at all. fucking moochers.
  6. I definitelllyyyy understand how you feel since something similar happened to me. Don't even stress it, though. Bitches, will be bitches. Move on and toke, cause their bullshit doesn't even matter, you're still capable of living your life and achieving greater things.
  7. thanks guys.
    appreciate you all tryin to help.
  8. heres how i made 2 friends today:
    senior in high school, all my buddies doing shit afterschool and i needed some weed but ehhh no one was around.
    so these other 2 guys walking around pull out some cigs im like hey yayaya 1$ per cig bla bla...mind if i chil with you guys for a bit?
    we got blazed

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