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what the fuck

Discussion in 'General' started by mentalwealth, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Damn, has anyone here ever lost control and literally got knocked off his or hers ass’s? Man I fucking fainted for like 2 seconds in mid air and fucking slammed my knees onto the ground and my upper body smacked right into the car including my face, out of nowhere, so I just got up and walked quickly to my house, looking like a retard hahaha
  2. you /need to know/ what happend.

    because if such thing happen let's say while drivin, well it an't good.
  3. what do you mean you fainted in mid-air??
  4. I faint all the time when it is really hot and when I see heaps of my own blood. If I get a Blood test i faint without fail.

    it sux I knock my head about on gutters and side of tables.

    I got a cat scan or what ever and they found nothing they say I just have really high sugar levels or somthing and my blood is really thin so when I get ??dehydrated?? I faint.
  5. I blacked out one time at my friends house and hit my head against the cement wall. The next day I went to the doctor and had a complete work-up, the doctor said that my blood sugar was prolly low and thats why I passed out. I was extremly high at the time but I didn't tell the doctor that. When I passed out was like 5 years ago and it has not happened since. You should go get checked out by a doctor, it could be your heart, or something like diabetes. Just go to be sure you are all right.


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