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    So I drive forklift full-time and I meet alot of interesting people, not saying all truckers are weird but holy fuck, it's like all the crazies decided to drive trucks. Well anyway this Indian guy comes upto me well I'm doin the paperwork for him and asks me if we trade here? Pointing toward some food a customer is storing with us. I tell him no we don't trade anything here an he keeps pestering me asking for some cola an tells me he has an offer I can't refuse. He runs out to his truck come back in with a box and says I'll give you this box for 2 malt colas. I peer inside the box and oh lordy! It was full of some of the nastiest porn ive ever seen, I'm talking interracial covered in slime bondage beat the shit outta midgets wearing nothing but a cheetah print loin cloth well you scream angry German words nasty. I just couldn't stop laughing, thought it was the funniest shit ever, he then tell me how he is going blind from masturbating to much and proceeds to show me how his right arm is WAY bigger then the left.

    Who woulda taken his offer?

    Basically guy wanted to trade 2 colas for a box of porn
    ..Crazy Indians, (I'm not racist but this isn't the first time an Indian man has tried to sell me large amounts of porn)

    +side story: once found a large tv box at a bus stop literally filled to the brim with porn, at least 3000 magazines and 500 DVDs and maybe 50 posters, spent the rest that day walking down the street with my friend putting all the porn under windshield wipers (gotta spread the love)
  2. i dealt with it like yuo might of laughed and went a bought him a cola myself just for that collection of porn lol
  3. Were they Autographed ?
  4. [quote name='"Dado"']Were they Autographed ?[/quote]

    WTF that woulda been mad fucked if he actually traveled around finding the porn stars!

    And apparently that's not his full collection
  5. I wanna see bloopers on this stuff.... er....gag reel :D
  6. shit can u really go blind from masturbating to much?
  7. i bet you some of the pages were stuck together
  8. Bro just give him two fucking Coca-Colas and send him on his way... fuck.

  9. hahaha foreal man he just wanted to get somethin to drink!
  10. I would of def took that offer hands mothafuckin down I mean why not? Something to show your friends for shits and giggles then just throw it out, or stick it in bathroom as reading material? Lol
  11. Of course you can. Trust me, I am a doctor.

    And to the OP: sounds like you passed on the opportunity of a lifetime. What a shame.
  12. [quote name='"DrSheldonCooper"']

    Of course you can. Trust me, I am a doctor.

    And to the OP: sounds like you passed on the opportunity of a lifetime. What a shame.[/quote]

    It wasn't my pop to give away
    Plus I got a iPhone, who needs magazines or DVDs

  13. What kind of indian was he? Dot or feather?

  14. i guessing dot, they are the ones who love porn and drive trucks.

  15. I'm thinking first nations, Indians are people from india, The only reason people call our first nations people "Indians" Is because cristopher colombus was retarded, and thought he ported in india, But was in north america:rolleyes:

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