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What the fuck would we do if we didnt have lighters?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RWK Nova, May 10, 2010.

  1. Just think if lighters were not available i mean what would happen? I would probably always be carrying a lantern and a stick after that./
  2. caveman that shit, rocks are abundant.
  3. hahaha yea dude that would be tight if it was still caveman and shit dude i would fucking do three things smoke weed,grow weed,find rocks so i can make a fire. There would be no big problems in the world.

  4. munchies...?
  5. lol good point.

    Its like American astronauts using pens, that cost some insurmountable amount of money and research to get working in space...and the Russians just used a pencil...

    I dont know why that just poped into my
  6. You're high bro
  7. Yes, but we now know how to make a pen work in space, which took a good bit of ingenuity. How knows, maybe we can apply this to other fields of science in some way.
  8. life would be dandy if i were a pandora native :smoking:

  9. Mammoth's stepping on all your shit..
    Sabre Tooth Tigers chasing you..
    and possibly the worst thing to happen during a grow..THE ICE AGE.
    lol possible problems.
    i feel like your watching the Flintstones..stoned.
  10. lmao cant say i didnt learn anything today

  11. ^^^this, was thinkin that before i even opened the thread, i said to myself
    "I'd be cavemanin all up in that shit!"
  12. Singed eyebrows would be the sure sign of a stoner.
  13. once I sparked a blunt by sticking it inside of
    hand blowdryer lol
  14. HEH!, before i even opened this thread i was thinking "i'd carry around a lantern and some Beeline"

    Great minds think alike, +Rep to you good sir!
  15. #16 dyingtolive, May 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2010
    shit id just carry around a torch thats a giant lighter

    im confused if we dont have any lighters do we still have toaters and shit?I use the toaster or oven when i dont got a light
  16. The best tasting bowls are lit using a Magnifying glass anyway, and its good for the environment!

    YAY! for magnfing glass's (but boo too 16hr days)
  17. Solar hits, matches, flint and tinder.... FTW

    Beeline+fire= epic win

    and sometimes i just wish we didn't have to buy into our society. Sometimes it seems so pointless because we're so wrapped up in material things and money...

    Its the root of all the problems in our world IMO

    I wish I could just do what makes me happy without society's backlash for not conforming.

    Caveman style, provide for myself, and my family, without the worries of bills and deadlines that have become so common in this rat race we call everyday life.

    Sorry, I'm kinda high :smoking:

  18. No, dude. I COMPLETELY agree. I hate the fact that just because we don't have this or that or don't do that or this that we aren't living up to the standards we're supposed to be.

    Don't get me wrong, I love America, but seriously, fuck it. Haha.
  19. I would be tripping balls every god damn day if I were a pandora native. Fly on dragons and shit, who needs drugs?

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