What the fuck? Where can I get one!!?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by TobieTobie, May 27, 2009.

  1. Trikky is a well known member here who is now an apprentice at the Revere Studio. He has made a few pieces for members on the site, including two for me :D. You can contact him at HeadPeaceGlassworks@yahoo.com
  2. i dont really think that trikky is gonna be able to make a v-tek. they have holes in the side like the hurricane bong and thas how the smoke does that. it also come with a one hitter attachment and a bubbler piece. they fit on using a really small GonG joint that i have not seen elsewhere. they have em at one of the shops in my town. there is even a salt collab bubbler piece floating around for it, somewhere (i believe in texas, not sure thou)
  3. We had one of those in my work, but much larger for 100 dollars.
    Not worth it in my opinion, but it does LOOK cool.
  4. wow you guys have never seen these???? They got a big grip of them at the shop i frequent.... They used to be called Vortexs, and they come in either one piece like in the vid, or with a 14.4 gong joint that you can add different bowls to. (one hitter bowl, bubbler bowl, ect.)

    Anyways now they are called helix s, or atleast it says helix on the pipes at the shop. I got mine for 60, it gets you really high, but it makes the smoke a little harsher imo... They also got fumed bubblers with a vertical section that is that pipe.

    actually they don't res up nearly as fast as a normal pipes... notice how the smoke doesn't touch much of the inside of the pipe because its in a tight spiral.
  5. aud is right on, i was a little off on the name thing.

    aud, are u sure its 14mm. it looked a lot smaller everytime i have looked at it. could be wrong thou because i have never handled one.
  6. I would also like to find out where to get one of these... its fucking awsome!

  7. yeah i got bong piece made for A.D.S that was 14. and it fit perfectly. but that not the one in the vid. theres another one. its like version 2.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t06TVcqPqAA]YouTube - helix[/ame]

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