What the fuck should I do??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Brick Squad, May 17, 2010.

  1. Got robbed today, for 20 fucking dollars, fucking junkie ass dealer. Gave me a bag, the same time i gave him 20, and he drove off. A bag of fucking tobbacco, rolled up in a napkin. I fucking hate my city all fucking crackhead ass junkie dealers, I need to find a reliable dealer, or start growing. I have some reggie seeds, does anyone have any good guides on how to grow reggie?
  2. lol if your going to put the effort into growing then i don't think id use reggie seeds :D. That sucks you can't get good sacks though man, I live in a town in the middle of fucking nowhere and I have like 4 dealers i could call anytime of the day for shwag or nug.
  3. i believe you should work on expanding your social network, fuck dealing with shady, dishonest dealers like that. there are legit people out there, you just have to get out there and start mingling with people to find them
  4. Learn your lesson is what the fuck you should do. I believe every stoner gets ripped off atleast once in their life, whether you know it. There is no special guide for growing reg. You grow weed the same, and you might get dank instead of reg. But it sucks. You could go for the violent approach, but not recommended. If someone is shady then blow them off, and learn your lesson. Good luck:cool:

    And theres a whole section with guides for growing weed.
  5. Just relax.
  6. you lost 20 bucks...life is pretty much over for you now.
  7. no, i was just saying that i can't really find a reliable dealer.. and that i might start to grow. Dude u have 200 posts, and 1 bar of rep, troll much?
  8. 2 of the dealers i know smoke crack and they consistently have the best weed.
  9. yea but crack-heads are more likely to rob u if they need to get a quick high and have no money, and are more likely to skeet you, Most junkies steal at one point if they dont have enough paper. Thats why people should only smoked bud :p

  10. "Reggie seeds" can grow up to be super dank if you're taking care of your plants properly. My first grows were from bag seeds.

    "Reggie" has nothing to do with weed genetics, and everything to do with how you treat the plant.
  11. In what part of st.louis do you reside?
  12. Not trying to be a bitch or anything but who are you to call him a troll?

    You have 1 bar of rep aswell and a small fraction of his posts. You don't want to join here and cause shit.
  13. what i would do is just refrain from speaking to that person ever again.

  14. get good seeds man..
  15. I think I found the answer to your question.

  16. As has already been stated, you can grow a dank plant from reggie bag seed.

    Ain't no reason to go out and spend $200 on Cannabis Cup winning strains the first few times you grow. Use bag seeds, perfect your technique, enjoy your dank pot that came from that reggie herb, and then shell out that kind of money if you feel so inclined.

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