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What the fuck? Please help.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potwaffle, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So I used to smoke a LOT of weed. Like an eighth or a quarter every single day for nearly a year, then one day I had a panic attack and "tripped" after smoking. I then continued to smoke for another 2 weeks or so but after the "trip" I noticed that everything, even sober became way more colorful, cars would be more shiny and I noticed a huge difference between each color. It's very hard to explain in perfect detail what I was seeing.

    Anyway, so I quit smoking but it stuck around for months until it recently went away. I tried smoking again a week ago but it came back and seems to be staying again.

    My question is, do you think there's a problem with my eyes, something to do with like derealization or mental health, some form of delirium. I don't know. I thought I was going crazy the first time it happened and was sure I had schizophrenia but it's been ages so I'm quite positive I'm not developing some form of psychosis.

    Please give me some ideas guys, I miss smoking sooooooo very much. The music, the food. They were really great days. Help me out. :)
  2. you had a stroke :O
  3. Thanks man.
  4. I giggled.

    Ask a real doctor OP. They won't judge your smoking.
  5. Not sure how severe this is man. Shiny cars are more attention to colors could just be a weed hangover multiplyed by the large amount you smoke. Or you could of smoked too much at once and still be high. Hmm stuck around for a while though right. All in your head possibly, i don't know.

  6. Thanks. Nice sig btw.
  7. No, it can't be anything hangover related or like effects still sticking around. Last time I smoked before last week was at least 3 months ago. Thanks though.
  8. enlightenment?
  9. PERMA-FRIED!!!! lol you probably got slightly perma-fried.
  10. all i can say is.....enjoy :)

    all jokes aside, i really cant help you there. i have times where i feel/see like im high, but i snap out of it after a second or two. its really weird. you cant really do anything about it except stop smoking.
  11. Enlightenment only entails looking at life from a different perspective - your vision is unaffected.

    It could be spiritual.. if you're into that stuff.

    I've heard the theory that you're altering the structure of atoms or something in the brain. Neurons? Idk lol

    OP, you could see a doctor, find a guru... Idk.

    I guess I would try and wait it out.. and if it doesn't feel right, stop. If it seems to be a positive effect in your life, then what's the problem?
  12. You sound lucky to me. I've had this feeling after I have tripped on unmentionables. The feeling stays for a while and I do so much enjoy it ;) I've not been smoking much good weed lately so I doubt I'll get that from weed until I do.
  13. It is a pure mental thing. It is just you smoking weed and becoming more paranoid and critical and freaking out.

  14. I don't think seeing colours more intense is considered freaking out...
  15. Everybody's mind is affected differently by different things, you may just happen to be too sensitive for weed, and if it effects you for prolonged periods of time and causes you a bit of confusion about wtf is going on, than trust your gut. Only you can tell yourself if it works well for you or not, if not, than you know what you should do. The affects your experiencing will go away (99% sure) if you stop smoking. So don't trip yourself out. But I can tell you from experience that only you can judge for yourself weather or not you should take part in using anything "mind altering"

  16. Best advice yet. I just miss smoking and not like, having these experiences sooooooo much man.
  17. I fully understand, and im sorry to say this, I really am, but the highs you had during your first years may not be coming back, because our minds change as time goes by, and our brains function differently as we grow (both in personal maturity, spirituality, and physically). "it is what it is", and some of us have to find other means of entertainment, or take on more fulfilling personal projects that give us a sense of well being in order to compensate for what we miss or use to feel (arts, making things, being creative etc.) - that give a deeper sense of fulfillment. it's all inside of you, if you shouldn't smoke weed, there is probably something inside of you that you can do to fulfill yourself. (I know it's more of a loaner approach of fulfillment to SOME), and if it's not your style, then it's just not. You'll find another source of fulfillment, you can trust that.
  18. Please ask in the MMJ section of the forum, I'm sure people can help you there, and you won't get answers like: "You had a stroke" "Your perma fried"

  19. brain chemistry i guess, maybe you have a genetical dispositon with a mental disease? idk but maybe stop smoking if its having such adverse effects
  20. op your sound like a very new toker take small hits get used to the feeling of being high and just relax dont stress listen to some good tunes watch a good flick if you smoke bowls pack snappers (Snapper-snapper is when you pack 1-2 hits of bud into the bowl.) keep packing snappers until you reach your desired level of highness remember to take it easy the worst thing that will happen is you will get hungry happy then sleepy.

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