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what the fuck, man?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420 stoner 420, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. ah shit, man. today marks a week since i had last smoked. i haven't been not high for this long since winter. this is especially hard since i went from every day smoking about three times a day to zero without transition.

    i'm not sure if this is weed related (probably), but i feel shitty. i made a promise... august thirtieth. i recorded it in a word document, stoned as fuck.i wrote that i would not smoke until next summer. why? i want to get a very good average for grade twelve so i can get into decent post secondary shit. i bent the rules and set my next smoking session to christmas break. Yeah, in four months. After that, spring break. After that, it's back to everyday smokin' during the summer. so hard to sleep. school started again, so i'm waking up at 7 AM, yet i still have a hard time going to bed. my last year at the place. third day of classes today and it fucking sucks. holy shit. can i sit behind a desk and listen to that shit for ten months?

    what the fuck.

    maybe it's this music i'm listening to. Jefferson Airplane. I don't think i can listen to any music i have enjoyed so while stoned, it will bring back too many memories
  2. 20 bucks says you wiull either at least take one hit from now to christmas or you will start smoking orif you make it that long you will smoke "only weekends" or "only when theres no homework"
    brother your apart of the GC faimly theres no leaving your smoking for life or else ! Worst comes to worst ... well you know... (thats my mafia impersanation)
  3. That smoke aint going anywhere but in your lungs! Good luck on celibacy, but honestly...I don't see how smoking on the weekends would hurt, unless you're worried about a complete 'relapse' into everyday smoking again.

    The good thing about herb is you can realize when you shouldn't smoke. So if it's not the right time or place, etc...don't do it.

    Reading about your sobriety is painful, I'll hit the bubbler extra hard for you :p

  4. shit, man, was i that upset yesterday? unbelievable. i had all this energy, and nothing to do. energy i have not experienced in a long, long time. like twenty minutes ago i did some cardio (i never work out) and i felt this awesome rush of positivity.

    i'm also listening to some new music, which is also stoner music (strawberry alarm clock... look into it).

    i found an outlet. this is awesome. :)
    thanks for your comments, they somehow are helping me. i know i can easily do this now. i'm notably overweight (not obese) due to 19 years of lazy life, and i think change is in the air.

    i'll come here that one night on christmas break when i will have had my first smoke since august thirtieth... it will be quite a tale, i'm hoping.
  5. i know how you feel man, the insomnia will go away soon. try drinking some strong coffee in the morning since your getting up so early
  6. I said that same shit, n i held out for 2 weeks too. But yesterday on campus at lunch, they said u wanna go under the bridge to smoke, n now im back to day 1. Oh well, one toke at a time. i mean day.
  7. Instead of struggle and deprive yourself of something you love, why not smoke and do good in school? Is public school really that hard?
  8. hey 420stoner ur avatar makes me think u are part of the icyhotstuntaz?

  9. He has nice neon yellow pants...what a "stunta".
  10. lol. it's me and my gangsta homies. just joking. i registered here to make a joke topic

    i wanted to appear like a ghetto-wannabe wigger.
    i made another one, too

    i stopped, though, those two gave me enough lulz. besides (as you can tell by the number of my posts) this place has grown on me and i like it. i can't believe i got at least two people to smoke hair.

    edit: that's at least three people
  11. yea i was just givin u hard feelings...

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