what the fuck just happened

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    I was driving home from work just now, pulled into apartment complex and my power steering just stopped, there was a little squeeky sound and some rumbling, I was trying to take it easy going slow and stuff, I park and right behind my car is the part in the picture. AHHHH this sucks wtf?????

    it's a 99 grand am too
  2. start searchin on the grand am forums dude
  3. Oh that part is definitely not necessary...

  4. LOL very funny :D

  5. Dude your car just got fucking raped

  6. That would be your belt tensorer. I've seen this happen before who ever put it on didn't have the bolt tight enough. You shouldn't drive the car without it you'll have no way of chargeing your battery, your water pump run off of it which will cause it to overheat,and like you said no power steering. Your going to need a new belt and maybe the pully, but i think it fine from the pic. I bet your belt is trash or missing now.

  7. my belt has been in bad shape, worn out. It's been squeeking when I start the car but that stops after like a minute. Piece of the tensioner is chipped off so I'll have to replace that and the belt.

    I'm glad it's not something more serious.

    thank you!
  8. cheap fix.. just go get a tensioner .. ur belt was prob sqeeking because of that tensioner being loose or on its way out

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