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What the fuck just happened

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VeiledReality, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. This thread is fuckin gay.
  2. i just wanna point out here...

    this thread is full of dicks and gays.

    *slaps knee*

    that is all.
  3. I'll make the comparison whenever I feel like it.

    1) Because I'm black and in virtue of my experience I truly understand what it is to be discriminated against.

    2) The comparison isn't based on a history of enslavement but on a currently present state of discrimination and unequal treatment. Both blacks and homosexuals currently experience rampant discrimination so their experiences are analogous.
  4. xD come on guys, im bi, so im pretty gay.. and i use gay as an "insult" all the time..
  5. My cat is homosexual.
  6. Wow way to ruin a thread. Who the fuck cares what anybody says?
    OP your friend kind of sounds like a douchebag. (hope I didn't offend any douches) :D
  7. For the record, everyone had come to a consensus that the guy was just ignorant or purposefully being an elitist douche....the OP's question was answered before the thread got so horribly derailed.
  8. dude if you showed me a jar of g-13 i'd be gone in about 10 minutes too...

  9. He's just a douchebag...

    [ame=]YouTube - We Are Douchebags.[/ame]

  10. hahaha nice ... nice :smoke:
  11. hahahaha anyone that has seen the new episode of southpark, notice how much it proved my part of the argument in this thread?
  12. Ive had people do that to me before like "oh I can get you some stuff" trying to get me to buy bud off them to rip me off
  13. Lol what does that imply exactly?You'll steal it?
  14. This ticks me off is when people brag about there weed, i know i may have done it a couple times but now i learned. I hate it.
  15. That episode did nothing to prove your point. You're a bigot through and through and you'll look for anything to try to justify your position. South Park makes comedy out of the obscene. You're no comedian... just a run of the mill privileged bigoted American unable to sympathize with the experience of people different than you. :mad:
  16. Are you really STILL arguing over the term gay? WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!! Jeez...

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