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What the fuck just happened

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VeiledReality, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I don't care if everyone says it... it makes you look like an ignorant fuck who has no respect for other human beings. That's what I think of you now. Is that really the reputation you want to put out for yourself?
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't rip a bong.
  3. At the end of the day, there is always better weed out there, so for all you know he might be smoking on better stuff. Or he might just not know the difference between dank and schwag and have no clue how to tell good weed from bad weed, I mean he doesn't know about indica or sativa so that sounds highly probable.
  4. its hard for me to choose sides on this one. maybe he has seen dank shit before but does not keep up with all the names and shit. there a lot of people who do that. or the most obvious aswer is he is bullshitting because g-13 is awesome. also alot of people dont know what the fuck sativa and indica is. the majority people on the street dont have a clue.
  5. I started tokin with this guy and college last year. He would always go on and on about how he would roll these fat ass blunts filled with white widow and northern lights and shit. And how he'd smoke 2 or 3 of them to himself every night and get super baked.

    Some people are just idiots man; they just don't realize how incredibly retarded they actually sound. Just shrug it off man.

  6. See, that's sort of the problem. You can say that you didn't mean anything (and I'm sure you didn't), or that everyone else says it... but when you're queer, and you hear the most common term for your socio-cultural group used as an insult all day, every day growing up AND as an adult it screws with you.

    LGBT youth are twice as likely to attempt suicide, three times more likely to become homeless (in some cities 40% of homeless youth are queer identified), and all the other host of social and emotional baggage that comes from feeling like a second class citizen.

    So, no man, I'm not bashing on you. But there are a lot of us LGBT folk here at GC, and pretty much any of us who grew up in America (especially public high school) are gonna be kind of sensitive about how that word is used.
  7. Exactly. If you don't like being considered a bigot, don't talk or type like one. ;)
  8. hmm... the word gay was around before the homosexuality community took it upon themselves to calm it their own. i loved rainbows,but now i can't wear a rainbow shirt with out people thinking I'm they can get over the whole gay word being used..gays are not in the same boat as black people during slavery..get over it.
  9. #29 sinsemillaplease, Nov 1, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 1, 2009
    Well they're certainly in the same "boat" as us now... receiving undue discrimination, being treated as second-class citizens, and having ignorant, privileged know-nothings tell them to get over it.

    I just lost so much respect for you as a human being. I'm waiting patiently for the day that I can negative rep you for that careless, disrespectful and hateful message. If only there was a way to make you actually open your closed mind in the real world.. alas rep is all we have here.

    It also sounds like you're just a tad bit homophobic. Who cares if people think you're homosexual. Its not an insulting thing to be but you take it as if it is. That's your problem. If you're not "heterosexual enough" to wear whatever you want... that's a personal problem.

    When people insult me for wearing purple (as I often do) I merely comment on their insensitivity towards gay people but it only offends me personally in as much as I'm offended on the behalf of the lgbt community.
  10. yeah it sucks that they can't get married,but that's a religious problem. and that whole thing on how they can't give blood? i guess that's a problem but whose in a rush to give blood??

  11. That company has a horrible reputation and those seeds are a scam.

    Having smoked super lemon haze, utopia haze, g13 haze, etc grown in both Amsterdam and California, I wouldn't consider them appreciably better than a dank G13 pickup if it's really up there with the rest of stash jar. And considering this kid doesn't know indica from sativa, it's safe to assume he's full of shit.
  12. There are so many more ways than you're imagining that lgbt people are discriminated against. Just because the ban on gay marriage and don't ask don't tell are two of the most obviously egregious of our discriminatory laws doesn't mean they are the only ones.

    And on top of the discrimination that is written into law, so many other discriminatory practices occur de facto in every day interactions. Try talking to an older openly gay friend, family member or acquaintance about their experiences day to day. I have a feeling it will change your perspective. :)
  13. wow i didnt know gay ppl were so sensitive. if u herd the word gay being used as and insult all ur life wouldnt u get used it and just shrug it off by now? u turned this whole thread in to a gay pride thread or sumthing. fag and gay are always gonna be insults just get used to it. ur not gonna change anything by telling ppl not to say it cuz it hurts ur feelings.
  14. This is a completely illogical stance to support. Try applying this same argument to the n word... yeah absurd right? And my statements have nothing to do with the sensitivity of gay people:

    1) Because whether or not certain speech is hateful and discriminatory does not depend on how the victim feels about it. It is hateful, bigoted speech all on its own in principle.

    2) I'm not gay anyway.
  15. calm the fuck down
    people say "retard" "bitch" "faggot" whatever...
    NOBODY gives a SHIT what the FUCK they actually mean, everybody just KNOWS that they're insulting words, ya hear?
  16. ok if ur not gay the the hell do u care so much. and the "n word" is not the same thing as the word gay. the word gay is just the normal way to refer to homosexuals its not degrogatory. if u say, "that guy is gay" but if he is acually gay how is it an insult. how ever if u called a black guy a ****** it would be offensive.
  17. some people truly enjoy pretending they know what they are talking about...
  18. I'm currently trying to figure out how my thread which was initially just me venting after someone downed my stash.Could turn into some sort of gay-bashing,gay-rights and rightful treatment thread.

    Talk about off-topic.
  19. Blame the bigoted individual who chose to use the term in the first place. I will always condemn speech like that when I see it... it's really the only way to root out that sort of illogical thinking.

    To the Just Get Over It Crowd: Why would you choose to continue using a word that you know is offensive to certain people? There are so many other words you could choose to convey whatever insult you intend that don't have the same capacity to offend. What is your motivation that you feel trumps the importance of homosexuals to feel welcome as human beings? What could it possibly be, if not prejudice against homosexuals, that drives you to ignore their injustices? "Everyone does it and won't stop" is not an excuse or a logical justification for hate speech. The very same argument was made in regards to black slaves.
  20. Stop trying to parse out a difference where there isn't one. You're not even making the comparison accurately. They are in fact mirror situations. The guy used gay as an adjective with negative connotations in the same way that ignorant people on this forum often use the term "n lipping". I've responded to people using that term for the exact same reasons.

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