What the fuck just happened?

Discussion in 'General' started by Leif, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. So some weird shit happened today. I went to pick up my drunk friend to hang out. We decided to go to the gas station so I could put a little in the tank. After that, my friend had me stop at the house of a friend of his, which was across the street. I let him out, so he could go talk to them. I just kinda sat around in my car waiting for his drunk ass to come back. He and a few other people came out, and started yelling face to face. I couldn't make out what they were yelling about, but they were fucken pissed. Two guys kept yelling, "Get the fuck in the car!" at my friend. Eventually he ended up in the car, if by force, I have no idea. The car drove away, and I stayed parked for the next several minutes wondering what the fuck just happened. It scared me, because I didn't want my friend to get his ass kicked. At the same time, he must have gotten himself into the whole mess, and I didn't want any part of it. I'm really not a fighter, unless someone gives me reason directly. As a friend, I believe I should have followed them all, but it weirded me the fuck out. I was tripping off life, it was crazy. Now I'm sitting here high, and still wondering what the fuck happened. My friend got online, but isn't talking. His status says that he's getting drunk. Shit, this night has been fucking crazy.
  2. o_o
    what the fuck?

    but yeah, I'm sure he's fine if he's at home.
    Probably turned on the computer and passed out or something
    D'you have his phone number? Ring him up, check what's going on.
  3. Nah, he doesn't have a phone. I'll just ask him about it tomarrow.
  4. what if he gets wacked and you gotta live with the fact you sat in your car like a puss?
    what a friend...
  5. um.... right.

  6. I was a little drunk myself, and from a logical point, what the hell can I do about it? I'm 5'7, 140 lbs., and I'm admittedly not the best fighter. That, and I had buds and my piece in the car. Anyways, he was fine. I hung out with him today, and he can't remember anything. He got alcohol poisoning, though.
  7. I would have followed the car or at least said something, made sure everything was gunna be okay.

    I'd just check on him if ya can, I'm sure he's fine
  8. I would cry if anything ever happened to my friends like that. I watched my best friend get his ass kicked for being gay at a party once, but I jumped in that shit. Got a nice three broken teeth and nose. I felt very proud of myself for doing that, and the guys who started the fighting got their asses beat down for hurting a little innocent girl and a gay boy.
  9. I hope they got their asses beat +rep for kicking some ass for a friend
  10. I probably should have, but I drank a little for the first time in months. It actually got me tipsy, and I was extremely tripped out. He has a few bruises and his arms and legs hurt. He had to be restrained by cops, and got public intoxication. He really couldn't recall what all happened, but he judging by some new bruises, he thinks there was a fight. He told me earlier that night that he really didn't want me getting in any trouble, since im 18 and he's 24. I debated to him that if we got busted with pot, I'd go down with him because it's just the right thing to do. So I guess that played a part in my decision, too.
  11. Well that sucks he got arrested! And good to hear he's just a little black and blue and nothing worse :)
  12. +Rep, that's awesome.
  13. Definitely, I was freaking out a bit last night. That and I did feel guilty for not getting involved.
  14. i used to get in fights at partys and such back in the day, people would start something with a person who did nothing wrong, and me being a pretty big guy...

    i beat some ass

    i know how it is for you not so big dudes though

    honestly, i couldve told you he was gonna be fine, there were witnesses, your his friend, straight up, he wouldnt have been too bad off...

    and jesus, i love GC when im drunk:)
  15. Yeah, I did get a little paranoid. And being in the middle of Nebraska, murder is actually pretty rare. I know how to fight and all, I just don't know how well. I rarely get angry, and only fight when I'm provoked. In high school I wasn't that great of a fighter at all, but my friends trained me to fight this summer. By the time we had trained 4 or 5 times, I wasn't bad.

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