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What the fuck just happened?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rastaziggy, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Me and my 2 friends had just finished smoking our 2nd joint and were going to town for drinks and food. We were sat at a bus stop for a bit eating then we were about to leave. As we got to get up to leave my friend was saying he didnt feel great. At this point he was completely pail then out of nowhere his eyes rolled up back into his head and he went limp. He fell off his seat and hit head and then a few seconds later became conscious. Such a horrible situation as we were in the middle of town, we had weed on us and it was generally a scary thing to watch. Someone even asked if he was on Ketamine he looked that bad. After this though he said he felt fine (except for a massive headache) Has anyone else ever seen this before?! I've never seen this in my life and was thinking it was maybe an extreme whitey?
  2. Sudden drop in blood pressure. Weed can in SOME people do that, only if you actually have blood pressure problems though.
  3. My friend passed out after smoking once. ER told him he probably had low blood pressure and some dehydration. So I assume that's what happened
  4. Happened to me once, in my house though. Your friend will be fine.
  5. dehydrated possibly. once i donated plasma and then smoked up like 20 mins after i did and i fainted. it was definitely from being dehydrated from donating plasma
  6. Happens to my buddy more then a couple times LOL. SO fucked up in public.

    Others already answered your question ;)
  7. Thanks guys, low blood pressure or dehydration makes sense.
  8. It doesn't matter if you have blood pressure problems or not. Cannabis dilates your blood vessels therefore lowering your blood pressure and upping your heart rate. Its happened to me before but only when im standing up smoking and probably mildly dehydrated.
  9. Yeah it was a whitey. He just has to take it slower. He probably had a low tolerance also.
  10. he was high as shit!

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