what the fuck is wrong with this kid?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Yo the kid looks nothing like Darth Maul!

    phhh glocks.
  2. wow hopefully the big black cell mates will teach him a lesson. lol jk hes not going to jail, but he deserves to.
  3. damn i would love to beat the fuck outta that sicko for pulling what appeared to be a gun on a bunch of middle schoolers....
  4. Somebody needs a hug.
  5. Hmmm, he's like a wannabe pussy version of those Columbine guys. What a fag :mad:
  6. Thats Twiztid from Psychopathic Records new face paint, it has nothing to do with darth maul.
  7. haha wtf JAIL HIM
  8. he's probably not going to get in that much trouble:
    1. he's a minor
    2. he probably doesn't have a prior record
    3. it wasn't a real gun

    so the most they could get him for would be possbily assault (not battery) for waving what appeared to be a gun at peopole.
  9. hes not a minor.....it said he was 20 at the beginning of the article
  10. i stand corrected
  11. he didnt get in trouble cuz he said he was just showing a friend

    "Williams pressed the gun into the stomach of one student and pointed the weapon at the school and pulled the trigger before riding off on his skateboard."

    what a fucking loser

  12. something about that kid screams emo.
  13. lol wow
  14. you say that as if those fucks werent pussies themselves.

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