What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

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  1. So I am at my buds house because my place got flooded a while ago and there are still cleaning it and fixing it up and shit. Its a decent pad and there's enough space for me to do all my work and reading plus other stuff to do like a big TV and a park nearby.

    But this guy's fucking roommate is such a stupid assclown I can't even stand it. My friend (lets call him brad) told me to be discreet if i was gonna toke up around the apartment and to keep my shit well hidden. I thought this was just cuz there were lots of busts or snitches around here and he didn't want any legal trouble.

    But for the few first days I saw maybe one cop cruise into the tim hortons and the guys who live round here look like classy stoners, you know the ones with berets and artsy bongs, plus there is a shit ton of parties. But I found what he was talking about.

    This guy's roommate is like a marijuana hating fogie on steriods. I went to have my nighttime smoke in the back alley with my hammer, and as i was toking up he suddenly walks in. He starts shouting at me how its illegal and he doesn't want this shit in the neighborhood (gave up trying to take out the other stoneres I guess :confused:) .

    I'm like chill man i won't do it again and went back. Woke up next morning and my stuff was rummaged through. Bong dropped out the window, bubbler cracked (too pussy to break it probably) and all my weed flushed. Lost maybe 130 dollars. I want to beat him shitless but i'm still a guest here, and my bud says he warned me and he can't exactly reverse time.

    He says he's tried to talk sense into him sooo many times but its never worked (he smokes as well). He goes assbackwards out of his way to avoid this guy while high. I'm really pissed off and i just needed to vent, but what do you blades think as well?
  2. Beat the shit out the guy.
  3. Go through that guy's stuff and break shit of his that has value. Fuck that shit...

  4. Twice.
  5. ya thats definately worth an ass beatin
  6. And then kick him out.
  7. Damn. He sounds like a douche who needs to mind his own business!
    That would make me really mad. :/
    Maybe you should feed him a special brownie so he'll loosen the fuck up hahah
  8. Guys, believe me i want to break this guys nose and wipe it in shit, but 1) He can charge me for assault or breaking of possessions or whatever if i broke his stuff and 2) I'm staying at HIS place, and he tolerates me so far but i'm sure he's ready to kick me out if i so much as lift a finger against him.
  9. How could someone drop a bong out a window. Omg.

    Id cry at the sight.
  10. ikr. It was a blue bong that was very similar to the black leaf bong on this site actually. I feel awful that I lost it.
  11. Be the bigger man and find another place to live, And next time dont have so much glass lyin around haha.

    If i didnt hit the guy, I would immediatley have to leave anyway. I couldnt live with the douchebag that smashed my pieces.
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  12. this. imo sidewalks should be reinforced with fluffy pillows incase of incidents like this
  13. Isnt it your friends place too?
  14. The simple answer to this is...... Take him out and fuck him in the street. This will establish male dominance.
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  15. What a dilemma. Your friend sounds like a douche too. not telling you why you couldnt smoke. Thats kind of BS.

    Hard to say how to save face on this one. All i can say is good luck. Keep us posted.
  16. Are you afraid of being kicked out?

    Are you afriad of the police?

    Then... sigh...

    Never mind...
  17. Plant some bud on him and call cops.. haha. Then call him a hypocrite and and shake your head disappointed.
  18. key the guys car or slash his tires.
  19. You should also be a little upset with your friend. All he told you was be sneaky? He didn't elaborate? He didn't warn you that his roommate was a weed Nazi? He just casually told you to watch yourself? Either you under exaggerated the way your buddy warned you, or your buddy should have been more specific
  20. Thats crazy stuff, but theres a time and place for everything and thats not the place from what I read...
    Couldn't be dealing with that man, find somewhere else to shack up for you own good!

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