what the fuck is this?????

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by baked420bongman, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. what is this site about?
  2. ummmm......


    like aaaaa.....

    you know


    that shit
  3. yeah.............what he said!!!
  4. wouldn't you like to know???????
  5. grasscity.com...hmm.....must be about gardening....
  6. church, biskets..where the fuck is norm?
  7. norm is off baking the biskits for our service tonight!
  8. OH SWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! la la laLALA ALALALALALA ALAALAA ALLLALA ...

    you just made my night dirtydingusus!
  9. anytime doll .....we'll see ya at the service!

    and by the way my exwife is telling me how someone said she looked old enuff to fart dust!!!

    and that has made my night!

  10. looked??!??!?!!? where can I get a looooooook...hmmmmmm...mmmm...

  11. i dont know its not my job at the moment ither....

    and i mite have ment looks
  12. mmmm....yes....the INQUIRER WANTS TO KNOW
  13. well the bitch does not take care of her self very welll

    one of the reasons she is my ex

    and not the lovly mrs Dingusus

    so even tho she is 27 she is looking like an old lady

    wrinkely and shit

    eyes sunk into dark cirkles

    skin hanging on the bone

    if you dident know better you would think she was on some hevy meds....
  14. NO SHIT!!!
    I don't get up and put on make-up every day or any of that shit but I make myself presentable. I TRY to eat right and take a shower at least ONCE A MONTH!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!

  15. This will probably come off bitchy....but I hate her and I am a bitch anyways...haha!.....

    We revel in her slide downhill....we're happy she is no longer dragging us and the kids along with her....

    Sorry, I'm not usually one to be a hater...but she's a pain in the ass....even from 4000 miles away....but I love my stepkids and my hubby bunches and bunches....

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  16. Its a place all about grass and the different types of grass that makes the world so wonderfully green and good. Enjoy the world, enjoy the green, enjoy the grass.
  17. its about weed!

    yay i love that shit
  18. We are a highly evolved race of space monkeys sent here to post as typical stoners in an effort to mate with the women of the human race, thus producing a highly evolved species of beastal super thingies.

    Oh damn, did I just give our plans away again? I'm ready to be flogged with a wet noodle at your leisure.
  19. ::::::flogging MysteryMoogle with a wet noodle at my leisure::::::

    Ohhhhh....everyone should try it....it's quite gratifying!!!!!!!!

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