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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Devendra, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. I just got "warned" and some infraction bullshit on my user CP that expires: never, for a joke I made on a thread, in response to some asshole who was being a dick to the OP.

    My response:

    Original thread: http://forum.grasscity.com/real-life-stories/465848-official-best-smoke-out-ever.html

    Sorry, but that's flat out fucking retarded. I don't know what this "infraction point" is supposed enforce, but I'd prefer it NOT be on my user CP forever when I wasn't even making an intentially mean comment, it was all in jest.

    I think your 'e-ciatations' are better suited for the other asshole comments I see on this site everyday that go unchecked, and I'd like this point taken down, along with an apology and (possibly) a muffin basket and decorative tote for the inconvenience. JUST SAYING.
  2. I was on your side until you started saying "fuck" "retarded" etc to the people you are asking for help.
  3. hmm.. im actually on your side in this one.

  4. I apologize.
    It's just my everyday-mannerisms, but I can see how it may be taken offensively.
    I'm also high as a kite at the moment and this random point is harshing my high big time.

    Once again, sorry.
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    Actually, no offense to jd....but the infraction really should have been for name-calling, not disrespect.

    The infraction stands, you're not getting an apology (although you should give one to the person you called an idiot) and you can make your own muffin basket and decorative tote to send to jd for disrespecting her with this bullshit thread.

    And by the way, are you reporting the "other asshole comments" that you claim go unchecked because, if not, you have no reason to bring them up.

    What is it with people claiming to be high when they behave like this? I don't know stoners in real life who act like this when they get high. If anything, they act a little better than normal.
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