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What the fuck. Is this strain??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by MaryNMe, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. GC! After 3 long days without bud and my insomnia kicking back in, I had no choice. My back was against the wall. Last night I went to bed till 4am, well, this morning I should say. Its fucked up.
    Almost had a an anxiety episode again today, so I had to break my vow... I went to the shitty town over to buy some weed... Damn.

    For 50 pesos, look at the bullshit I got... I cant even explain or know what it is... This is why I hate buying from the streeets!!! Ahh damn! This is some shitty ass nasty as tasting bud.. It tastes like weed, but it has no flavor. Its almost like, smoking grass...


    I am high as shit... But it might be because my last meal was at 2pm. And i have yet to eat..

    OR. this shit is some fire?? It doesnt taste like anything but my eyes are red as the devils dick and Im seein stars after only 2 bowls on the piece pipe..

    Is it possible for shitty weed to be good? Maybe...
    Thats why I propose a theory:

    The initial high of any weed is PROBABLY the same. Its the "strech" or length, or body of the high that is different... Like, maybe this shitty weed got me real high right now, but it'll be over in like 15-30min.. Where other good quality bud would also get me as high initially, but the high would last like 6hrs

    What do u think??

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  2. looks like some good mixed with some poo
  3. Sounds and looks like mids shake
  4. Thats the elusive pull my finger strain!!!!

    I think I would throw it back over the border
  5. Those are some big ass stems dayyuummm!

  6. Hes already in mexico bro lol.
  7. Ok then just feed it to a chupacabra:smoking:
  8. Hahahaha lol! Its some bullshit indeed. But im baked as shit right now... Eating soup.
  9. Maybe cause of the 3 day or 4 day T break?
  10. tighten up OP

    es la mota mexicana buena
  11. brick weed shake kush?
  12. Possibly. Or not eating till late. Cause im a fat ass and never go 2hrs without eating. Lol

    Yesssir.. It gets the job done.

    Uuhhh kush? More like shush! Lol definetly brick though. The buds are smushed together.

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