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What The Fuck Is That?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. way up there?! it a cat in a it a stray afghani war plane? it mighty mouse? of the above, the correct answer to the question would up...i have just discovered that the greatest thing after a hard fucking days a nice relaxing i come home..wore out as fuck, parents gone, smoking a bowl, posting back on the city..oh yeah, thats why i havent been around for a couple days..hard work and hard sleep...i have decided that 25 dollars of my first paycheck back at work is deffinately going to a, dont let me get off on a rant here, because i will charge through the city like a crackhead orangutan chasing a deer covered in female orangutan urine...but only because the guy that was feeding the deer was on crack..and tweaked with a bottle of orangutan urine in his hand...why in the fuck did he have orangutan urine in his hand?..i dont know..why the fuck ask me?

    this is my rant you say?
    no, this is my gift to you:D..the every single thought that crosses my mind in a mere 5 seconds....of course the next 30 minutes of thought are devoted to remembering, and staring, and typing and looking around, and being captivated by everything...only then, and then, can i hand deliver my craft of love to your doorstep to be shooed away by the slipping memories of time, what the fuck, i dont know, i know dont dont knowi dont knowi know know know dont i

    mother fucking update reminders...they are there just to pop up when im typing and break my trance of idontknowidonts
    pause to hit pipe
    its so neat when your hitting the pipe, and dont think your hitting it, but then realize that that tickly feeling in your lungs is indeed smoke...

    rant done


    not end of high, just time for endless hours of fun doing...well....when your high, just about anything is fun so

    not end of high, just time for endless hours of fun doing anything
  3. because ive juSt eaten it all.

    and no, preseason football is not the answer to deer
  4. You piece of shit sausage hogging mother fucker ;)
  5. i have two words for you

  6. MMMM yummy greek kebab falafels!!!!!!!

    in my mouth!!!!!
  7. aaarrrggghhhh...i couldn't get rid of it! i'm an idiot
  8. Somebody got a job!

    Somebody got a job!!

    Tell us what the work environment has offered up toward our wonderful Norman. I mean what kind of job did you get.
  9. Fudge packer? ;)
  10. norm, you are the living end. hahahahehehah heh lol. ah, ha.
  11. i cast my vote for stoned

    the work environment is hard..i am tired, always

    my title is laborer, and thats what i do, i have worked hard, and played hard, stoned to the point of sleeping at that, sorry for the lack of me lately, its been 99.999999 percent sleep, and .000000001 percent not being away from the city pretty much since i started coming here, so i figured a day or two or however long its been would be ok..but, i got my stuff harvested and dried, and it is most definately worth it...i dont know if its in my mind or what, but im stoned wayyyyyy out there now...

    fudge packer??..nooo..

    im the guy in the porn that gets the girl all hot and worked up for her her and the guy can just jump right into it without her being fully ..."prepared".....i didnt start the beaver lick churc hfor nothin..

    and im like a mother fucking ufo around this place now..i even picked up an alien mask and walked around wal mart..gotta do it stoned thjo..
  12. weve made contact


    ok WHERE does a girl like ME get a job like THAT.
  13. fuck me in the goat ass, i just sat there for five minutes trying to figure out why in the fuck i said chicken packer...the realized that suck!...hahhahaha..meow

    there dont need to be elevators in buildings..just weed
  14. norm, you are the pranksters dream.
  15. whats a brain hemmorage feel like?!?!??

    cause I cant stop fucking laughing...!!!!!
  16. about what..the weed elevators..cuz i just made that up..and thought it was super funny shit..and laughed..and posted it....i think its goin on my signature..
  17. oh shit I was gonna comment on that but I forgot...hahaha, so yeah about that....I think its genius. its so easy, yet thats what they dont understand.
  18. tie an alligators that sufn

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