What the fuck is on adult swim late at night?

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  1. the other night i was high watching adult swim and the later it got the shittier the TV shows got. like i'm talking weird ridiculous what the fuck shit? has anyone seen these shows, i don't know what they're called but if your up past 2 30 am you should know what i'm talking about.:confused:
  2. I have seen them,yea adult swim has some retarded shows,but then again if ur high you wont complain...
  3. Look Around You is pretty legit. But the content of those shows is astonishing....
  4. yea i know what you mean, I saw this one show where these to gay acting(no offense to gay people) were pretty much doing retarted shit for 30 minutes.. I just remembered the nam its called the tim and eric awesome show the shit is retarted.
  5. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job has its moments..

    I prefer The Mighty Boosh - I love that show so much...
  6. i watch king of the hill pretty much every night and sometimes catch the late ones. tim and eric are morons....i hate those guys. Love metalocalypse and aqua teen hunger force.....anybody remember xavier renagade angel? that shit was way of the wall but i couldnt stop laughing......and robot chicken kicks ass..most of the time
  7. im sorry tim and eric have some amazing moments but for the most time its just too ridiculous
  8. absolutely love the might boosh, if ya dont like it, dont watch it
  9. Metalocalypse!
  10. tim and eric rip*
    cannot wait for check it out! with steve brule.
  11. its on tonight. should be good Brule is hilarious one of if not the funniest character on Tim and Eric.
  12. Aqua Teen FTW.

    Also, squidbillies is okay. and Home Movies.

    But yeah, some weird shit.

    Tim and Erik is acceptable only after smoking numerous blunts. :smoking:

    feel like I lose braincells watching T&E
  13. what ever happened to Assy Mcgee? that shit was a trip. or the Drinky Crow show?
  14. I seen Drinky Crow prolly last week, not sure what day it was but they still run it.

    Last night was solid for AS. Squidbillies was great, Aqua Teen was great (they brought an old school feeling back to it...not gonna ruin it if you havent seen it yet), and Check it out was very funny for being its first episode. Lookin foward to next sunday night
  15. New boondocks was badass last night. I missed the squidbillies episode, but im so glad that Check it Out with Steve Brule is finally on. That shit was hilarious
    "Shes my cousin, who cares. I don't care, whatever."
    The only complaint that I had about it, was that it really didn't need the poor production added on. As much as I loved it in Tim and Eric, that was their own thing. Steve is funny enough without all of that. Still, funny shit
  16. I find myself slowly, but surely never watching AD again.
    It's funny I use to watch it evernight for like 5-6 years.
    Now it's amusement has vanished with most of the shows.
    I'll still watch King of the Hill, Family Guy, ATHF, and Home Movies every now and then.

  17. I think thats the angle there going for. A terribly made show with a terrible doctor (yes hes a doctor if you seen last nights show you would be certain of this lol).

    I laughed hardest at the poor production parts :cool:
  18. i fucking love superjail
  19. Did anyone notice the message before squidbillies last night? "Next up, a new episode of the best show you never watch" Haha at least they know people don't really stick around for their later stuff, but Mighty Boosh/The Office UK are funny, but KOTH and Famguy are still the best.
  20. I love Family Guy, and American Dad is pretty funny but, The Cleveland Show just sucks something awful. That is a terrible show. I also like Robot Chicken, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force sometimes. My Dad thinks adult swim is nuts but he thinks Moral Orel is funny.

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