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What the fuck is Green Crack?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by rotteny, May 8, 2011.

  1. Got a 60 day strain of it. I have heard a million things on it. I just need to know what its crossed with and its origins. As well as if its sativa or indica, I'm pretty sure its an indica but a ton of people claim its a sativa because of its name sake to the speed crack cocaine high. I figure some weed nerds on here could help me. This is for actual pataints I'm trying to help so please give me some clear answers.
  2. what is a 60 day of it, and im 90% sure its a hybrid strain, and unless u got it from a dispensary the name doesnt mean shit
  3. Just a strain.
  4. It is mostly sativa and depending on what site you are reading part 2 of the genes is unclear. It is a skunk maybe skunk 1 and something else?
  5. i was supposed to get it. my guy told me he had it, i looked it up, i liked what i saw, told him i wanted a quarter...made arrangments to pick it up after a doctors apt because my wife was pregenant.

    all was going well at the doctors, i sent him a text and told him i was almost ready and then comes in the doctor and he says its time and they take my wife away and i never got my green crack.

    but i got something better instead

  6. That's flowering time. And no its not from a club its a private cutting. As for the skunk #1 cross that's been my best knowledge of it as well. I heard it was crossed with one of the early southern california indicas and was gonna be called CUSH not KUSH. But everyone liked it so much they just started calling it green crack.
  7. green crack is sativa dominant
  8. My FAVE sati right now is GreenQueen. GreenCrack x SpaceQueen i believe.

  9. What are your sources? I just wanna be sure because people scrutenize a lot of shit out here in california.
  10. A strain of cannabis.

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