What the fuck is going on???!

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  1. I just got done smoking a blunt of some sour d, I got a gram for $20
    I literally hear some girl screaming, sounds like shes getting tortured or murdered and its loud as fuck and real close too, its been happening for like 15 minutes
    I woke up everybody in the house and nobody heard shit, and I went outside and didn't hear nothing

    I think a ghost is haunting me or im just really blitzed :smoking:
  2. Its called Auditory hallucination.

    I hear them almost everyday, thanks to my Bipolar. Nothing scary or anything.
  3. grab something and just let her out man, she obviously wants to be free'd.
  4. For real?? I have a really bad temper with people and get mad a lot quick, I never thought id be bipolar :mad:

  5. I don't want to sound like a doctor, because I am not. There are alot of more symptoms then just that. I suggest search more about it...Thankfully mine isn't severe.

    Ironic that I got it from a side effect from a ANTI-PSYCHOTIC medicine. I have stopped taking it, and the noises/voices are still there
  6. you're hearing things, you're going crazy man.
  7. who knows... could have been some chick getting raped and murdered.
  8. Call the cops and say "officer, there's a girl screaming and nobody but me can hear her save her before its too late!" lol
  9. I am NOT crazy. :devious: I been going to college, getting good grades, active social life, a job, etc.
  10. What does any of that have to do with not being crazy?
  11. Why does voices make you crazy?
    What defines a crazy person?

  12. Damn, that's pretty crazy
    jk lol
  13. She left for now.. :)
  14. when i was younger i heard voices one night... i just shrugged it off as a dream. it was wild tho scared the shit outta me... maybe i should tell my psychologist that...

    but anyway good luck with your head dude :wave:
  15. haha op has schizophrenia
  16. I know a dude whos schizophrenic from acid :devious:
  17. well maybe the screams were real but since everyone was alseep they didnt hear..

    I have screamed in my sleep and woke up while screaming and noone woke up..which is disturbing...
    since if I was really being attacked noone would wake up..bleh

    oh and one time I was at the roof of a building with a friend smoking
    and we would hear a woman screaming like she was being beaten..
    after a while we realized she was having sex and being over dramatic..
    at first it did sound like someone was hurting her..
    lol crazy bitch freaked us out:rolleyes:

    but if you hear it again go wake someone up and if he cant listen to it..go to a doc..nothing wrong with that..you'll be fine..
  18. haha dont go to a doc..

    maybe u actually did hear a girl scream.who the fuck knows.
  19. very true ^

    OP you might have heard some people fucking lol. or someone getting brutally murdered. either way.
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    same shit happens to me, but only when i blaze alone. although ive never heard screaming like someone was getting their ass beat, i can specifically remember hearing children laughing, doors being opened/closed, things moving outside (i smoke inside my trailer), etc... sure, a few things you think you hear might not be real, but you just have to realize that when youre baked, your senses are heightened and your brain pays attention to things that you normally hear, but subconsciously ignore.

    tl;dr: the screaming you hear is more than likely real, call the police rofl

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