what the fuck is going on

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  1. me and this girl have dated for barely a year, and we broke up cause we are both going to college. we hang out pretty regularly and we still say we love each other, which we do..

    just this past week it was feeling weird, like she would not want to hang out, there was this guy she was dating afterwards but she stopped seeing him. they dated a few times and that was it.

    but today she said she loves me but not as much as she once did, so i started ignoring her and pissed so i deleted her off facebook. she said the reasons were because things were changing and she felt like we were growing apart.

    she then freaks out and texts me and says omg please dont do this to me im sad and i love you i want to see you (after a whole week and more when she doesnt give a shit)

    what the hell is going on
  2. she found somebody else and is cheating on you. dump her and move on... real talk you will thank me later
  3. we are not going out, and she doesnt lie she let me know when she was dating the dude and they are legit done. it could be a possiblity tho that she likes someone else, and we also said we could hookup with other ppl
  4. well my advice is to.... learn to tell stories better :laughing:

    but really, i couldnt understand that
  5. i said everything you needed to know but sorry about that, im too pissed
  6. So you were in a rocky relationship to begin with.
    You're love is not strong enough to withstand you two going to college (even though you still see each other on a regular basis). So you break up.
    She says she doesn't love you as much as she used to, along with you two are growing apart.
    You stop paying attention to her, and she gets mad.

    She's playing games with you man, stay away from that bullshit. You guys legitimately broke up, and she's either realizing that she lost a good lay or she actually made a mistake.

    If I loved someone I wouldn't break up with them for college. I wouldn't want to get back with them after college either, that just makes you a casual fling. Seeing each other on a regular basis while not being able to be together makes it harder to get over the person. But then again I don't believe in being friends with ex's, just from personal experience it NEVER works and makes things a lot more difficult than they should be.

    You know that saying "You can't have your cake and eat it too" well I think its appropriate to say towards this girl. She want's to be with you but doesn't want to be in a relationship with you because she has interest with other guys.
  7. LMAO.

    Mistake #1, believing what a female says in regards to the other people she is fucking. When it comes to sex, girls lie. A lot.

    She wants to keep having sex with this other guy(s), but wants you to deal with all the emotional bullshit and baggage that she has.

    She wants you to satisfy her "emotional needs" while this other guy lays the pipe on the regular satisfying her "physical needs", and since you've been rolling over like a bitch for her she will keep walking all over you.

    Tell her to beat it. I would never get back with her, because she's proven that she likes to cheat and stray whenever she has a chance to get some new dick.

    If for some stupid reason you decide to take her back refuse to so much as hold her hand until she gets STD tested and shows you the results. How can you possibly ever trust a girl that hops on a different dick the first chance she gets?
  8. See my above post.

    Girls lie.

  9. Whats going on is you have the bitch whipped. Use this to your advantage while you can.
  10. she is honest though. me and her had sex for the first time with each other when we were going out. she just hooked up with him once, and it was a casual summer thing. they are already done seeing each other.

    now she wants to hang out with me, and says forget everything we only have 1 month left together before college.

  11. This is the point where you fuck her everyday for a month straight.

  12. Ahahahaha

    No she isn't.

    Girls lie. A lot.

    She wants the social recognition from her peers that comes with 'having a boyfriend' which she believes gives her the cover and moral authority to slut herself out.

    There is a good chance that, at this very instant while you are on GC, this girl getting pounded like a jackhammer.
  13. Elliots right that women lie, though I dont see the advantage of her lying here.

    In my opinion you should fuck her for the last month, try some new shit, get as much experience as you can. Then use that experience in college to fuck other bitches.
  14. LMAO this kid is naive for trusting a female. NEVER TRUST FEMALES THEY WILL FUCK YOU OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. i agree with this guy here. i recently went through the same thing, broke off my engagement because my fiance was one of these types of girls^ and it sounds like yours is the same way
  16. Sounds like she is a little insecure about being alone. She broke it off with the other guy and what did she do? Came back to you.

    Tell her its over, but you can still be friends. You don't want to be that fall back crutch man.
  17. This is how people act when they are caught between two people. Its not hard to notice when you've been there.
  18. Sounds like she loves you a lot and she's afraid of losing you.

    If you love her too, like you said, then you should take good care of her.

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