What the fuck is going on?

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  1. Lately when Im high, I start tripping out. Nothing seems real. I get paranoid and I cant talk because either Im too high to think because its like my brain is overloading, or because it feels like everything I say comes out wrong. I feel like Im subtly insulting them somehow. Its like everything is going wrong. I get insanely paranoid about getting in trouble with the law. I am a perfect driver when Im high but I hate it if the people in my car are doing something stupid. I seriously feel bad because Im so quiet. I fuckn hate it. I tried getting medication for anxiety but all my doc gives me are these general meds that take a month to work. Even then, it doesnt feel like it works. Xanax helps me, but I dont think I can just go up to him and say 'give me xanax'. Then there are my parents. Currently Im living at home due to certain things that happened when I was at college, and I feel like if I slip up even a little, they are going to take everything away. I know they wont because I even got a warrant and they paid it off since I couldnt. I dont know whats wrong with me. Im depressed. Im paranoid. And I have no one to help me.
  2. Im not jumping to conclusions or anything but if it keeps happening there is a possibility that weed is bringing out a different underlying psychological problem.

    how old are you?

    Maybe its the strain? theres a shitload of possibilities man.
  3. Take a T break for a while... Sounds like anxiety attacks to me!
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    21. And it happens when I get blazed. When Im kinda high, its no so bad. I agree that it may be some psychological problem thats being brought out. Ive also noticed I get really jittery. MY entire body randomly spasms. Not all at once, like my arm will twitch, then my legs, ect ect.
    That may be the problem. I havent smoked all that much lately, and its only recently that Im getting really stoned.

    Oh, I also forgot to add that my words are starting to get mixed up, but I think thats because of the unisom.
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    Yeah its probably your Anxiety but be careful since you stated that when you are high nothing seems real...you dont wanna have 'Derealization". You can get it by bringing it out with drugs or it can be a symptom of a number of psychological disorders which includes Anxiety. Im not trying to scare you but this could be some useful info.
  6. Im not sure how to describe it. I know its real, but its like a dream. If that makes sense.

  7. I honestly believe you should stop smoking for atleast a while because thats how most people who have derealization describe it.
  8. if im feeling like im in a dream when i smoke sometimes do i need to stop aswell??
  9. If thats the case, I need to stop all together, because this is the first time I smoked that much in a long time. Right now, Ill smoke a small bowl to myself at night. Nothing to get me really blazed, but I cant keep up with the guys Im hanging with now. I dont smoke reggies. Ive been smoking dank. 20/g shit. Sometimes 25/g for really good shit.
    Do you feel absolutely scared of everything? Nonstop paranoia that even the smallest things seem like the worst thing in the world? Does every siren you hear make you want to hide in the bushes?
  10. Dude just chill out and smoke a little weed. Buy an ounce and smoke 1 blunt every 3days. After all, you did say weed helps you calm down right?
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    I used to feel like I was dreaming for a long time in my life... The thing that straightened up me was having a near death experience and everybody involved turning out 100% fine.... That really put the meaning of life in perspective for me....

    But that was me....

    I'd tell you to go see a psychiatrist ...

    Or try to discover what is wrong with you metally... What is bothering you and causing you to have a bad high? Maybe smoke a bowl and think about this... Or do it sober...

    Either way, only smoke when you're ready to again. Don't rush it or you could really regret it.
  12. Shit at least to talk to somebody bro. . .

    if you dont let it out
    shit starts manifesting itself

    (maybe like what's happening with you?)

    weed is helpful, but there is a time and place for it

    if you're taking anxiety meds that are doctor prescribed i highly recommend you find some sort of counsel man. . .
    you're supposed to work through your anxiety while on the medication not just pop a pill and hope it sorts itself out,

    the medication is gonna work so much better when you have tools at your disposal to compliment it

    you CAN handle this
  13. Im gonna check this again

    because what you described is exactly what I go through too :(
    but its not every time, just sometimes

    from the spasms to the paranoia...yup
    like I seriously twitch and shit and it gets annoying haha
  14. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nyi6JoLi1A"]YouTube - The Ill Spoken "Tryna Get Blazed" HOW HIGH THE MIXTAPE[/ame]
    all i gotta say
  15. How long have you been smoking for?

    My guess is that right now you are under a lot of stress, and becoming depressed from things that are going on in... maybe because your no longer going to college for whatever reason (guessing from what I've read... your back at home).

    That, coupled with your parents disapproval of you smoking (guessing again)... and the high amplifies these feelings.

    I'm sure theres a reason that your so depressed all the time...?
  16. Thanks man. That means a lot:)

    Ive tried going to a therapist but he was a quack. The first day he said 'everything you say stays between us'. A week in, my parents were driving me home, and they asked me about this girl. I never told them anything about this girl, only my therapist. He usually talks to them after my session so obviously he was going back on his word about things staying between us. I never went back to him.

    And I do bottle things. Im not known for making outbursts. I was always picked on as a kid, all the way through high school. Only once did I lash back, but I couldnt even tackle the guy. If the teacher wasnt there, I probably would have gotten my ass kicked. I have major anger issues to where I will cry because Im so angry, but I try to hold it back because I hate drawing attention to myself.
    Ive been smoking on and off for a few years. Ive never been a big stoner because I either didnt have money, or the connections. I would have to agree that it might be the stress. Ive been moving all over the US in the last few years. Ive pretty much lost contact with all my good friends, and its not easy for me to be outgoing enough to make more.

    Smokingirly-How did you get over it, if you have, or how do you deal with it?
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    I bet it's your anxiety that triggers what you feel. I get the same feeling. I was never like this until i od'd on crystal one day. And ever since then, i had anxiety and can't smoke weed without freaking the hell out.

    I always get the feeling when i take a t-break or don't smoke that much. But when i do start smoking everyday the feeling goes away, and i don't get them anymore.

    But once i take a t-break i'll get the feeling again, like i'm way too high then i freak out.
    So, solution is SMOKE MORE WEED! Or don't smoke at all. Or maybe some medication might help? I have no idea, i've never taken any of the medication i was prescribed.

    Also, wanted to add; try to smoke when you're in a great mood. Around fun people that you know wouldn't do anything bad to you. And just be in a good state of mind and think positive, or try not to think about feeling paranoid at all. Usually when i smoke in these kind of surroundings i don't get those panic attacks.

    I remember i went fishing with my brother-in-law once and i hadn't smoked in a month or so. I have no idea what the hell he was talking about, but all i heard was he was going to kill me and dump me in the lake. I was freaking out so bad, but i just told myself he wouldn't do that, etc... and i was fine a couple minutes later.
  18. Shit bro, sorry to hear that shit :(

    I'd love to give you some advice, but it seems like a problem you'll have to fix by yourself, everyone is different and has different solutions to their problems.
  19. Honestly when it does it happen, I just bite the bullet... :confused_2:

    it sucks hardcore..
    If I take a few shots or drink a couple beers, it'll go away

    maybe alcohol is the answer.. hmm
    not the best advice for you, but it helps me when I start flipping out
  20. Well I did find out part of the problem. Ive been taking unisom for the last week. Not one pill to help me go to sleep, but 200-300mgs. I think thats what is making me more depressed than usual.

    And alcohol will help. The problem is a lot of the people I used to hang with was that they like to drink a lot, so after a few shots, I dont even think about it and over drink. I dont like getting really drunk. Just enough to make me relaxed. If I cant say my abcs, Im too drunk. I dont like getting absolutly wasted on any drug, because I dont like losing self control. So that also might be a problem. I may be scared to act out in fear of doing something stupid, plus the issue of paranoia.

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