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  1. Okay guys.. im fucking ashamed of posting this but.. i need some answers  :hide:
    where do i start.. ok i can start off with that i have had anxiety for the past fucking long time-years im 18 now but pretty much for as long as i can remember ive had some kind of problems with anxiety from one level to another
    ive smoked for a good year and a half now, and ive never really experienced any problems with smoking in general until well a little while ago
    ive kinda had problems with some people i meet and gotten a little anxious because im a small guy and not really that much of a treat to anyone, so i sometimes doubt if im able to defend myself if a situation is to appear
    anyway when i started smoking it helped reduce my anxiety on other levels and i really had no problems with it except for getting busted  at home etc but nothing related to the anxiety.
    and as time went on i started smoking more and more and honestly kindof got the feeling u get when ur on coke i felt dominant and the anxiety i had from before relating meeting other people (not in general but specific people) really went away
    and this was all good but then.. this wierd fucking shit hits me.. ive read about it on the internet alot and its apperantly all in my mind.. what happened was i was at my friends house we were bonging it was all cool it was in the middle of the night pretty much, and my anxiety all of a sudden hits me and i start to shake and guess what i fucking shit myself.. i go home get changed all good and thought it was because i hadent really ate that day and that i just got the shits lol.. but then things start to get worse i get constipated and i started to expierience that everytime i got out of my house and i were somewhere i couldnt go to a toilet i got the feeling that its gonna happen again.. either that or it feels like im gonna piss myself.. and ive had this feeling many many times now but it never really happens anway.. tho i get some fucking wierd looks and stuff sometimes but i convince myself its all in my head.. hopefull..
    and now every time i step out of my comfort zone i get this feeling.. i cant go to school go to work even go out with friends anymore.. 
    so reason im posting this here is that every time i smoke weed or hash this gets 10 x worse, and all i can really do is go sit in my room until i get down again.. i guess these are panick attacks, in which a way it feels like they are, but this wierd feeling ive never gotten before i started smoking and had smoked for a while.. so my wild guess is that it maybe is related to the marihuana.. i dont know
    i really dont know why im posting this but im fucking desperate for answers.. i know some will mock be but what the fuck ever
    i can deal with it to a certain level but whats really killing me is the cause why is this happening and why cant i really stop it?
    i think i will go see a doctor about this and maybe get some medication but i dont really know what to tell him
    cheers anyway hopefully ill get some alright anwers  :confused_2:

  2. Shit happens. I dont have any answers.
    Stay positive, hopefully you'll get over it.
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    What a shitty situation to be in. I hope that you can find a resolution to this problem and flush it out of your life for good. Don't mind me, sometimes I can have diarrhea of the mouth.
  4. ....... not sure if troll or not... kind of feels that way.... but I digress..
    google the words "indica and sativa" and figure out which one causes your anxiety to raise.
  5. Remember that 18 isn't biologically grown for a man.  That's around 25.
    Your body could be changing and you could be simply experiencing changes.  Feeling "on coke" is most likely a euphoric effect from your bud.  This can lead to high energy and sociability.  Not sure how to help. 
    Quit for a week and see what happens.  It could be some irritable bowel syndrome.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys :)
    I just have to say that this is not a feeling I got when I had smoked, rather a feeling in general. 
    Anyway I will try your tip, thanks!
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    Nobody noticed the shit smell and you leaving all if a sudden?

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