What the fuck is a sonnet!

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  1. well blades, i need a sonnet written by tomorrow. A poem of some sort, hard as fuck to write. Anyone have a spare?
  2. You need help with writing a sonnet? Really dude? Come on..
  3. It's basically a long poem. About twice as long as a a normal one?
  4. Sort of.. except it has to rhyme and follow a specific setup.
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    I honestly would have helped you if you had posted this earlier in the day, but now I'm kinda tired so I'll just say use a shakespearean rhyme scheme and write about something that interests you.

    Also make sure it's in iambic pentameter and has 14 lines. 3 stanzas of 4 lines each then 2 lines to conclude it
  6. what the fuck man, did you go to poem college or some shit. Damn.

    i read that like therogood from half baked said it to the weed delivery guy.

    you know your shit man.
  7. LMAO. Haha i always despised writing long poems that have to follow a specific setup.
  8. yeah honestly fuck this shit.
  9. A Sonnet is a very beautiful classic car manufactured in the 60's by Saab

  10. the general public should listen to this​

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kb2gV-FnzE&feature=related]YouTube - Saltillo - A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist[/ame]

  11. There are a few other types of Sonnet's also, but unless your instructor mentioned otherwise Id go w- Shakespearean. :wave:
  12. Yo, I actually have some. Back when I was in high school, i graduated in 2009.

    What kind do you need?
  13. give me a topic and I'll whip up a sonnet for you, otherwise its going to be of my own choosing, ie in bad taste ;)
  14. Heres one I wrote about a girl, when i was in high school. This girl I really liked. She fucked me over.

  15. This made me laugh so hard.
  16. Well.. in that case.. the only thing you'll be writing for that is a ticket. :p

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