What the Fuck is a Sky Daddy?

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  1. So I was in a debate with an atheist about beliefs and what not, apparently he didn't like the fact that I bested him in our debate. He promptly stormed saying fuck sky daddy. So are all atheist constantly thinking of faith believers in a condescending manner?
  2. No I think the problem between theists and atheists is a lack of understanding on both sides. Nobody will admit for 1 second when there is a hole in their theory. Theists are just as condescending if not more so because they feel they're backed by "god".

    Nobody can just say I don't know and leave it at that.
  3. I have a hard time believing you don't know what that is. It's a derogatory term for a deity. 
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    Sky daddy = god. Not difficult to decipher...

    We don't look at you with any sort of malice. You're the one arguing and supposedly beating the atheist. Just keep it to yourself. The best way to evangelize is by action not words. Can you really tell me that you practice what you preach?
  5. For the most part. And if you describe a conversion experience that is very intimate to you and that changed your life from that moment on for the better, they will search high and low for excuses and explanations as to why what you experienced either didn't happen or was just a figment of your imagination. When that doesn't work, they become dismissive and arrogant and try to insult you in every way imaginable.
          The claws come out, if you will. See...Madilyn Murray O' Hair for instance. Spiteful, mean spirited, wicked of heart. There is no use in trying to convert the youth and even most of the older generation of today. I liken it to kicking a thorn bush with no shoes or socks on. You might as well save yourself the trouble and leave them to their own devices.
  6. That is very true. I see both sides of the arguments but none can ever give each other leeway
  7. just my opinion but the way you.write on other post seems to degrades whatever true message G-Man has for the general populace. We all have opinions and beliefs but who are we to judge what everyone else does? We should be humble a peaceful not spiteful or arrogant like you. See My true mindset lied on yhe good Ol gangee and rational logic.we must have our mind open if we ever wish to learn beyond our small view of this world
  8. I believe in a higher power but.I dont let that dictate or justify my actions. I follow the law of marijuana and logic to be my compass through life. :)
  9. Lack of sense at the time I suppose. Haha
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    You would be better off literally talking to a brick wall.
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    Thank you for insulting me. No true brother in Christ Jesus would insult another believer. I suspect that you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. I gave my opinion. No need to insult me. Don't like my honest assessment ? Ignore my post. Simple as that.
  12. you feel insulted but my words ring true nonetheless. We don't tell people that God smites them or that they go to hell. She man. Love thy fellow man. Tell them the glories of the love of God. not his anger. We as believers should know this. You especially. If they don't listen then thats their call. I'm just calling you out on your contradictory actions that I've seen.
  13. why? Could you possibly elaborate on this for me?
  14. Another insult. That makes two. How about practicing what you preach ? Loving your neighbor includes EVERYONE. Not just the stoners who stroke your fragile ego. One more insult, and you'll join my list of ignored blades.
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    lol that was a spelling error. But hey Im just giving my opinion and for the record I did take yours in consideration. So its not that your voice was for naught.
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    hypocrisy at its finest...you insult posters, i even quoted you in another thread because you claim christian but call people shit for brains...

  17. I'm pretty sure Grendelqueen is Xenin, or however its spelled. He acts just like him with his high and mighty trolling, then threatens to put you on ignore..
  18. I would've walked out on you also, you are strangely delusional, you almost seem psychotic. You can't "win" a debate with an atheist or it would've been world news if you could prove your religion true. 
    Look how proud you sound like you won an argument for your faith, everything about this posts disgusts me lol.. 
  19. I am an atheist and I don't have a problem with theists. I don't look at you guys in a condescending way and I am open to religious ideologies although I find my personal beliefs are better aligned with LaVayan Satanism and Eastern religions such as Daoism. I think religion, or a lack thereof, is something people need to find for themselves.
    I do have a bit of bias against Christianity though. It isn't the religion, it isn't the beliefs, and it isn't really the people that bother me; it is the fact that Christianity decimated so many of Europe's Pagan cultures and destroyed the beliefs of my ancestors. It is the influence that Christianity has over politics and world affairs to the point where people will wage holy wars in the name of their God. I find that religion is destructive to the progression of humanity and while there are some great ideologies out there it is inevitable that there will be turmoil between different faiths when people are only willing to subscribe to a single ideology. I also can't acknowledge that there is an all powerful deity responsible for everything that ever happened; I prefer to see 'god' in a more ancient sense as a literary device to embody what it means to be human. The Greeks and Romans didn't fully believe that the world was ruled by a Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses; they instead gave their deities human characteristics to embody the extremes of human nature and to act as a reference point for moral decisions.
  20. Also, you can't really best someone in a debate about God.. its not a falsifiable concept, meaning it can't be proven to be true or false. It's basically just a matter of opinion.

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