What the fuck?! I think the cops are watching me...

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    Ok, so about 20 minuets ago, some like 40 year old guy knocked on my door. I answered it and he was wearing like a big rasta hat, aviators, etc etc. It was like he was trying to look like a stoner. So I answer the door and hes like "I heard you could hook me up with some herb man" so I was like "get the fuck off my property bro or Im calling the cops". Im like 99% sure this was a cop. I have a grow op going on that NOBODY knows of. But Im freakin out right now cuz Im 24 and theres no way any of my friends would tell some 40 year old man that Im a dealer (which im not). So wtf should I do :confused::confused: this shit is sketchy man.
  2. Chill?

    Them approaching you is entrapment. It would be like a cop driving a souped up car and challenging people to a street race.

    As long as you took nothing from him and wanted him off your property you are fine.

    If you think the police have you under surveillance act normal. They would probably be monitoring your phone traffic, so keep anything illegal on the down low. Watch for vehicles parked for extended periods of time in your neighbor hood that are normally out of place. If they moved into a house locally then there should be low activity at it as well.

    If you think you are being followed take a much more winding route home. If the tail is shitty you will be able to pick up on it. Try to record plate numbers because you can check to see if the same car is following you multiple times.

    As for your grow, depends on the size. If it is 2 plants, I would chop or move them asap. If it is 20 plants under a 1000w HPS you might be a bit more fucked. It isn't illegal to have all the stuff used for growing marijuana, but if they find anything that points to you growing in the event of a search you are fucked.

    Just keep your nose clean if you are being followed. Maybe ask your friends if they told some older guy to come to your house. I would have asked him a few more questions "Who the fuck are you?" "Why are you on my property?" "Who sent you here?" "Who accused me of selling pot?".

    Or maybe that joint is making you paranoid.
  3. Keep an eye out for police activity. Don't order anything grow related to your house and don't throw out anything growing related in your trash. You're probably not being watched, but then again they do keep an eye out for growers. You think those pussies would bust a meth lab, but they would rather bust a grow op.
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  4. the sketchy thing is, i live in the country and my nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away, but this dude had no car. i watched out my window while this fucker just started walkin down the fucking street. nobody just walks down my street cuz it leads to a dead end. i have 6 plants that are 2 weeks into flowering under a 600w hps. i think i might ditch the grow.

  5. sounds to me like you're dealing with a wizard.

    oh, and wait til you come down before you ditch the grow..paranoia n shit.
  6. Just chill out bro. You're looking way to far into this and just making yourself more paranoid. If you dont deal the cops really have no reason to suspect you, let alone do some crazy undercover investigation shit lol. If you ask me it's a whole lot more likely this guy is actually some guy who was super high and went to the wrong house or something. Or maybe like budderurskillet said, he could be a wizard. It's a toss up. Either way don't do ditch your op until you've come down/ put a little more thot into this, cuz chances are you're just being paranoid.
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  7. Burn it. Burn it all
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  8. Stop posting on other threads and go finish your troll story...
  9. two cops just drove past my house towards thedead end where no houses are. ive lived here for 3 years and have never saw a cop on my street. somethins up yo.
  10. Maybe they're looking for the guy thats been randomly walking up to peoples houses... Don't bug out too bad yet. They have no reason to enter your house.
  11. sketchy. i had a similar experience. someone came up to my house saying they wanted to do a free roofing appraisal or whatever and that if i would just let him inside he would call the office and set it up. i told him no so he asked if he could have some water from the hose so i went into the house and grabbed him a glass of water. then he asked me if i could get him any *unmentionables* and i was just like what? what do you want? and then he asked me for a 20 bag of *unmentionables* and i said sorry, i can take your card i guess, just trying to be polite. then he gave me his card and mentioned his brother had weed and just sort of walked down the street. my roommate watched him and said he didn't approach any other houses.

    i guess just don't sell to anyone and there won't be any reason for them to fuck with you. it sounds like quite a coincidence so idk, maybe they are flagging internet traffic or something.

    definitely weird he said someone told him about you. begs the question, who?
  12. entrapment for all intents and purposes is a myth. it is loosely worded and vague. had he of sold that rasta man weed they could have obtained a warrant.
  13. Someone one once said on this forum something along the lines of: "If you're willing to grow, you should also be willing to destroy your grow op in a moments notice." It sounded much better the way they put it, but I've taken it as a life lesson.

    Talk to your friends and see if they could possibly have mentioned something to anyone, even if it was hinting. Check for any marijuana scent leaks near or around your house/grow. If you can't find anything that would have tipped him off, destroy it. Wait it out for a month or two.

  14. sounds like this guys done it before yo, maybe he should write the book haha
  15. dude why didn't you sell me any weed I thought we were cool?
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  16. If I had a grow op going on I'm pretty sure I'd think everyone is an undercover cop too
  17. The answer to your dilemma is obvious, smoke it all.
  18. You made three mistakes in this scenario.

    FIRST. You didn't interrogate him.

    SECOND. You didn't deny you had weed.

    THIRD. You let him live.

    Now you know...
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  19. Fuckkkk theeeee policeeee.
    Meth lab > marijuana grow
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  20. i agree with scrappydoo. the guy is probably going from door to door looking for a new hookup and somebody probably called the cops on him. its just a coincidence that you have some plants. idk thouggh

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