What the fuck!!!? Fuck you D-Tests!

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  1. Okay so its been 40 days since i last smoked and im 130 lbs, very actice. My parents were giving me a drug test today And i was actually pumped to take it cause i havent smoked in 40 days...well i go and grab an old one they forgot about and test myself. Bam. Perfectly clean no doubt about it. i just cant show them the test because they know i used to cheat on them and its expensive as hell so i throw it out and wait until my dad takes the new test( same fucking company). 2 hours roll by and i get tested. The damn line for thc isnt there and i failed it...

    Little side note: my parents think weed will destroy your future and thinks its bad..and leads to crack.

    You mad bro? Yes
  2. what the fuck? thats just a wack test you better tell em to buy another one. what kind of trouble are you in?
  3. Well they are ignorant to the max dude. Its really stupid. It cant get more annoying. Everything they say about weed is a face palm. I just gotta pass the test next week but this shit only happens to me
  4. He is lying!

  5. Lol yeah definately i lied. ? Stfu whats the point of lying
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    Tell them you tested right before. and got negative results. its worth w/e why you said you didnt tell them.

  7. time to get a job

    so you can move out.

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