What the fuck dual survival

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  1. Dual Survival used to be my favorite show to get baked to but ever since they got rid of Dave it's not even worth watching. That shit was so funny to watch Cody walk around in those big ass fuckin socks. Anyone else hate the new show?
  2. yeah i dont like the new guy hes a dick
  3. I think Cody needs to share his stash.
  4. Not gonna lie, hated Dave. Love the new guy. He's VERY stubborn, but still willing to compromise. Sometimes.

    Great show either way. Cody Lundin is the only real reason to watch the show anyways.
  5. I haven't seen the new ones, but Cody is awesome
  6. That dude was a beast!

  7. Agreed, Les Stroud is the fuckin MAN. Films everything himself, doesn't get more realistic than that.
  8. ^ yeah Les Stroud is about the only real survival expert on TV. i mean the others probably are too, but their shows are purely for entertainment purposes. if you tried any of that shit youd die.

    that being said Dual Survival is pretty entertaining. i like the scenery of all the places they go to, and i like the conflicts between Dave and Cody.

    i havent seen the new guy yet though. havent really watched all that many episodes tbh.
  9. Seriously though, Cody Lundin is a beast
  10. Cody Lundin is the shit! He lives in Arizona and teaches survival classes here! Im dying to go to one.

  11. He's so chubby, but his legs, got damn. He's got the trunks of a bodybuilder, lol.

    Love his outlook on life, and his knowledge of the human body. Very smart person.

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