What the fuck? BBC News getting it wrong!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by nomoredoubts, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Just been watching the 10pm BBC news which is the main news station in the UK for any one not from UK, they say Amsterdam has banned tourists from smoking weed in the coffee shops now we all know this is complete bullshit and that the ban is NOT going ahead so why would they say such utter bollocks surely they will get in some sort of trouble for telling these lies?

    Hmmmmmmm? I feel like I should report this or something.....
  2. I've just seen it to but sorry to say I'm sure this is quit true the mayor of amsterdam will try to delay this but it is coming sadly :(

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  4. If this is true, tourism is gonna plummet...
  5. I have read articles about this and yes they are pushing to bring this in but the mayor is saying that the government will lose a lot of money and he is "delaying" the introduction of this law
  6. The law has gone into effect all around Holland, giving local municipals the option to not enforce it. The mayor of Amsterdam has said that it won't be enforced.
  7. I read the thread title and thought it was going to be about BBC = Big Black Cock

    Boy was I glad it wasn't.

    I really hope nothing gets banned, I have yet to travel to the amsterdamster

    Omega369 :wave:
  8. This is a bullet to the knee if its true I think the only way to get answers is to fly to the Dam and ask about, I have free airmile vouchers and its only 45 mins on a plane, think I will go on my own again this month then I will report back.
  9. I say do it.
  10. they will certainly lose a crapload of money from just the cannabis cup alone.
  11. That would be a good to know I am planning on a trip to dam this year and if this does get enforced then that would be a big waste of money
  12. Exactly

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