what the fuck am i doing wrong

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    okay to start off, I know how to roll a joint by hand. I bought this thing because it was on sale etc

    Now I just can't figure it out and feel retarded. Am I doing something wrong or is this just broken??

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    again, i'll say, I KNOW HOW TO ROLL IT BY HAND. I don't need responses telling me i'm stupid for trying to use one of these. just tell me it's broken if it is, or what i'm doing wrong. I'm just annoyed that i'm being defeated by this thing now.
  2. There's a certain way to doing it, it's not broken
  3. could you be more specific?
  4. Haha I wish I could but I've only seen my brother use it. I don't roll, just hits out the bong. I'm sure someone on the forum will come in this thread to help you out. If I do find something I'll be sure to let you know.
  5. Step 1: Open roller (with movable side facing you) and place the desired amount of weed into it. Be sure it's spread out evenly.

    Step 2: Close roller.

    Step 3: Using your thumbs over the top of the roller slowly roll towards you until you make one full rotation.

    Step 4: Take your paper and place it into the closed opening of the roller. Make sure the sticky strip is at the top and is facing you.

    Step 5: Using your thumbs on the front side of the roller, and your index fingers on the back side, slowly roll towards you until only the sticky strip is left in sight.

    Step 6: Lick the sticky strip.

    Step 7: Roll the stick strip in so it is no longer visible.

    Step 8: Using your thumbs over the top of the roller, complete one full rotation.

    Step 9: Open roller and remove the joint.
  6. naaaaahh, (lol at typing that out) i understand it in principle but the problem is the my roller literally won't roll. it's like the two bars are too close together. maybe this is a better video that shows what I mean:

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    this is in contrast to this video:
    :35 seconds he is able to just roll the pieces smoothly. mine sticks, makes a popping sound, and then the apron is completely loose and the two bars are touching and my weed is fucking everywhere.

    bullshit, i'm telling ya.

    i think it's broken.
  7. like when he says "kinda sticks at first" that's when mine just pops out, and doesn't roll smoothly. the apron is just exposed.
  8. Put the bud in, close it and roll just the front roller down or towards you with both thumbs.

    If it's to tight or sticks a little you might need to help the back roller along as well.
  9. i am helping the back roller along. i think this one i've got is just faulty.

    the bars are too close together, and there's no room for the apron to slide inbetween them.

    does that make sense? like are you guys even looking at the videos of me?

  10. Haha, oooohh. My bad for the misunderstanding. Honestly I don't know. It might just need to get broken in a little. Try it with tobacco (so your weed wont go flying out) and when you close it up just turn it tight so it won't try to open up. Sorry if I'm not helping :eek:. I'm just throwing out some suggestions :smoke:
  11. nah i appreciate the feedback. i had some oregano in there earlier just for shits but it was just making a mess. i can't get the fucking rollers to roll empty so there's no point in putting shit in there ya know

    here's an even BETTER video with me ~talking~ to explain what the fuck is happening:
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  12. Yeah, give the back way more support. Make your 2 thumbs (starting at the top part of the roller) go down while your 2 index fingers go on the lower backside of the roller and tightly push them up. If that doesn't work idk what will haha. Good luck with that thing!

  13. Lmao at the end of the video :laughing:
    If you think it's the piece just get a new.
    I can make a video if you want but I won't be able to do it until tomorrow.
  14. i mean it's not worth it to me to get a new one because, like i said, i can roll em by hand.


    ta da, shitty but it should work?
  15. Watch this video, if this doesnt help then I have no clue what to tell you.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uugsvZ0gEuw]Rolling a Cigarette with a Roller - YouTube[/ame]
  16. i ended up taking it to a different smoke shop and the guy laughed and told me it wasn't going to work/it was a piece of shit.

    oh well. thanks all.
  17. Pull down with your thumbs and push up with your index fingers when rolling.
  18. You need to fill it with herb first or else it wont roll. It is not broken.

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