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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by roach, May 8, 2002.

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  1. Just ran into a dude I haven\'t seen in like 13 years. Those were still hell raising days. Looking forward to a reunion of sorts...........truely a feeling of strangeness comes about me on this one. Just go with it I guess. That long ago we were tight like brothers ,and thicker than thieves...all up and down the \'East Coast\'. Went through alot ,in a short time. BUT. \'Alot\' has happened since. Just not sure what to think. Good to see him again ,yet I still see in his eyes a look for some \"jackpot\" or get rich quick scheme. ? Who knows.
  2. Everyone i know is out to make the quick cash! Get rich fast !
  3. I would love to get rich quick! So I can enjoy life, niiiceee n slooooww :)
    I feel that while people change, sometimes the fundamentals never change. Give him that benefit of the doubt though, just keep an eye out and don\'t invest in any of his \"this is it i can feel it\" hunches :D Glad to hear you ran into an old friend, hope you have fun running amok! don\'t get in any trouble :)
  4. It is impossible to get rich quick lately, cuties...not unless you own some oil wells?

  5. Hmmm oil wells.....might dig me self a hole in the ground and take a look :)

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