What the FBI knew about the WTC crash

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  1. ONE FBI MEMO, written by a Phoenix agent in July 2001, warned about suspicious activities by Middle Eastern men at an Arizona flight school. Last week, in little-noticed testimony before a Senate panel, FBI Director Robert Mueller referred to another internal document that may prove more explosive: notes by a Minneapolis agent worrying that French Moroccan flight student Zacarias Moussaoui might be planning to “fly something into the World Trade Center.”
    The notes are especially eerie because Moussaoui faces charges that he was part of the 9-11 plot. Sources say the notes Mueller referred to were written in early September 2001—days before the attack. The author was part of a counterterrorism team desperately trying to figure out what Moussaoui was up to. He had been arrested in August on immigration charges after a Minnesota flight instructor reported that he showed a suspicious interest in learning how to steer large airliners. When agents learned, from French intelligence, that he had radical Islamic ties, they sought a national-security warrant to search his computer—and got turned down. From his e-mail traffic they found he wanted to learn to fly a 747 from London’s Heathrow to New York’s JFK. The agents held “brainstorming” sessions to try to figure out what targets might be en route. The agents were “in a frenzy,” “absolutely convinced he was planning to do something with a plane,” said a senior official. One agent wrote that “one possibility” was that Moussaoui might be planning to crash into the Twin Towers. But the official said the agents were only “speculating” about possible scenarios.
    Congressional investigators believe there are more embarrassing documents to come. Another sensitive issue: the CIA’s failure to aggressively follow up on information provided by Malaysian authorities in January 2000 about a meeting in Kuala Lumpur of Al Qaeda operatives—including two men who turned out to be among the 9-11 hijackers. Malaysian officials passed along photos to the United States, but they never heard back and stopped monitoring the suspects, one Malaysian official told NEWSWEEK. CIA officials said the significance of the meeting didn’t become clear until much later. But by the time the CIA alerted the FBI, it was too late.
  2. This shit shouldn\'t surprise us. We, as the public, should never for one minute trust our own government-I can\'t say I do.
  3. me either stonie, but mostly keep this opinion to myself.
    DO YOU KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO BELIEVE EVERYTHING??? ive begun to think, really think that every single thing down to the news/commercials/tv shows/ music/toys are manipulated and um, 911 just gave a new twist to the whole deal. we follow like a flock of sheep.
  4. This just goes to prove that our government is very slow on learning lessons. There\'s been a lot of info slowly coming out about Mcveigh and the Okla. City bombing. They knew something was up, but drug their feet, and we all know what happened. All the billions of $ we spend on intelligence and a third world country comes in under our nose and kills all those people. Even as we speak you know documents are being destroyed and the cover-up is being spread.

  5. What do you think they would do to us if we knew a pot smoker was going to kill some one and we did nothing about it?? Later on they found out we knew. What would they do to us??
  6. ...........I resemble that remark...............
  7. Why don\'t Baptists\' make love standing up?

    Cause\' they don\'t want anybody to think they\'re dancing.

  8. I agree criter. I don\'t vote for the assholes anymore. Once in a while i\'ll vote for one of the good ole boys.
  9. At least if you vote, you have the right to bitch about what they are doing. If you don\'t vote you lose the right to complain about what\'s going on.

    All right here\'s my chance to get flamed.

    Has anyone taken the time to winder why Osama and other islamic groups hate the USA so much that they wanted to attack us? I have. Especially after watching everything go on in Israel and Palestine. To me the Israelis and Palestinians are the same thing except for different sides of the card. Theer would be no suicide bombers if the PLO had enough money to buy tanks and helicoptors like the Israelis. War and Death is wrong no matter which side you may have sympathys for. For every poor Israeli that lost his life to a suicide bomber there has been an equal amount of poor innocent Palestinians killed by tank, mortars, and choppers.

    The USA has tried to impose its will, domination, and belief system across the globe and it shouldn\'t come as a surpise that ther are cultures and civilizations that don\'t accept us or want us. Death and War is utterly senseless.
  10. dudes,

    Dion\'t be quick to jump to opinions, I spent 8 months in iraq.... as a 11bravo (infantryman) i spentr a lot of time on the streets and seen alot of people get killed. those people are ruthless, they hate the western world because they are jealous. plain and simple.
  11. I watched a documentary about islamic teenagers, and they found that most of them disliked america, because they felt looked down upon. Tthey just felt like they got the short end of the stick. They also said that hate of westerners just comes down to dignity, they feel looked down upon and they want respect...In a way it is defanitley jealousy of our way of life. I watched this program on the discovery channel, it also said that most islamics don\'t become terrorists until late 20\'s and early 30\'s after they have tried to make a life and failed, then they fall deeply into religion and eventually become corrupted by islamic radicals who hang around mosques (sp?). They are also grossly misinformed. but i suppose every culture has a little of that..

  12. and I suppose that the fact that the US GOVERNMENT does things like veto UN actions against Israel who\'s GOVERNMENT do nice things like order ILLEGAL assasinations of (I will admit very unsavory) religious clerics in Pallestine has NOTHING to do with it...

    I think that their MAIN problem (the extreemists that is) is that they are too fucking stupid to realise that:
    A) The actions of the government CANNOT be blamed on the people.
    B) Violence only increases the support that some of the people have for the government.
    C) That violence is looked down upon by virtually EVERY religion in existance today. (excluding some cults/extremist factions etc.)
  13. Guys, I know you all hate the FBI and the CIA because they let some stuff slip on 9/11, but you\'re not looking at the big picture. Do you know how many terrorists plots our government has foiled? I don\'t, but I\'m willing to bet that the number is a lot higher than the number of successful plots. We simply don\'t hear about all the failed attempts; it\'s only the major successes that make headlines.

    As for letting the stuff slip, let\'s try an analogy. If you have a job, chances are that you have a certain responsibility that you usually just skip or do a half-assed job at (for example, filing a certain document in a certain place in a certain manner). Most of the time you get away with not doing it properly. But then all of a sudden one day your boss asks for that file and you can\'t find it. Whoops. Well, could that be what happened to the FBI? How many memos do you think are floating around the FBI daily warning about terrorist threats? Do you think they are able to set up a defense for every single POSSIBLE threat? Most of the time they can toss out a memo that has too much speculation, and have no trouble come of it. Well, one of those memos with a lot of speculation finally turned out to be correct. Whoops.

    There\'s my rant defending the government. Personally I think the US government does a decent (not good, just decent) job considering their huge workload.
  14. I dont think they hate us just because they are jelious, they hate us for several reasons.

    They do hate our way of life, and are jelious of it. But they also hate us because we are friends with isreal. Arabs and Jews and like cats and dogs, fighting over holy land. There have been many movements throughout history to whipe out the jews, and the U.S. is their major ally.

    As for violence, the ones who are causing the violence are the extremeist. Just like extremest christians blow up abortion clinics, extremest muslems use violence to try to fruther their cause. Most people look down upon that, but to them, they honesly think they are doing the right thing.

    I havent, nor will i ever blame the government for 9/11. There is a group, basicly conspiricy theorist, who try to blame everything on the governemnt, twist every fact, blow up others, to stress their point. I, in no way, think our government is perfect, but they get bomb threats daily, they listen to chatter on the terrorist networks daily. I am not sure how many plots they have foiled, but we have had 1 successful attack on u.s. soil and i think that is pretty good. It sucks it took something like that to open our eyes, but thats usually how it goes. As with everything, they could do a better job, but i think they are doing an alright job, and since 9/11 we have created a homeland security office and other positions to further help us at home.

    The same people bitching about stupidity in our government for not taking every lead on 9/11 are the same ones saying the terror alert is raised just to scare people. It is raised when there is some creditable info. showing there could be some sort of an attack. Its a lose, lose situation. When you root against the govt, everything they do is wrong.

    I like the idea of hitting the terrorist before they hit us. I think it has worked, we havent had an attack since 9/11, we have killed/captured many al queda operatives, we have really messed up their network, but that doesnt mean they no longer exist. Getting rid of the taliban, overthrowing Hussain, trying to set up stable pro american governments in those middle east countries has givin us a major advantage but the fight is far from over.

    I never believe a story i head on the news until it is comfirmed by other sources. I try to get news from as many different sources as i can, i find this will give both sides of a story, gives you info maybe a left or right wing media wont.

  15. We the sheep

    Do you know that 50% of Americans believe Saddam Hussein has direct ties to 9/11.

    On a side note our government is so completely full of shit that it\'s coming out our collective mouth. I really wish SOMEONE would just sprout a goddamn sack, grow some balls and admit we fucked up. Women excluded. In fact i think we should simply fire everyone in the government and replace them with a bunch of random women without political agendas. This would be a much better place.
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