What the f***ing f*** am I doing wrong?

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  1. some clubs are 18+ :confused_2:

    maybe ask some people that look chill if they wanna match on a blunt? that worked for me a couple times.
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    I forgot! You live in a big city... I live in the middle of fucking nowhere... our bars are 21+.
  3. yea it's definitely easier to meet new people in big cities but don't give up hope OP! Once you find a good spot to hang out, it's only a matter of time before some cool peoples come your way.
  4. a couple, three of them. i have plenty of acquaintances. but if you saw me on tv, i wouldnt be hanging out with the kids that i do. you would stereotype my into a different category. moral of the story is be yourself and dont be afraid to express yourself, because thats what makes you cool
  5. I hate to break it to you, but chances are you'll be stationed in a town built around the base which actually lowers you're chances cause everybody there has a uniform.
  6. ill be your friend OP
  7. I'd be your friend, too, OP, but you live on the wrong side of Canada, and besides, you'd probably be scared of my rabbits. :rolleyes:
  8. I think the only thing you're doing wrong is trying too hard to find a friend, you should just be able to click with said person and go on from there.
  9. I understand you, I think.
    I remember being in your position like 2 months ago, over analyizing everything.
    Only speaking when I think something needs to be said.

    Makes it extremely hard to communicate, I was sufferening from social anxiety back then.
    I didn't realize it till I stopped being like that, which is super cool cause I'm happy a lot again now :D

    But yeah, I forgot what I originally started talking about. :S
  10. The problem with most friends is that about 85% of the population are losers in denile, and have a raging hatred for themselves and will project that onto you.

    Once you find a friend who isn't a total fucking mess, keep him/her around! They don't come around very often. Nothing in life compares to having good friends. It makes you a better person.

    And if you don't know the qaulities of being a good friend you need to do some re-evaluating.

  11. Bro, if you make it to earn your "leg spreader badge"(HALO) it'll be ALL over ya. ;)
  12. Hi i know theres a lot of noise on this thread already, but i think i can help you. but you need to tell us your story. Without it, i'd just be saying stupid shit like "just be yourself' or "stay true to your heart" or some other meaningless bullshit like that, that never ever helps anybody. Ball's in your court girl. The more you share, the more others can help. Give a dollar, get back a dollar so to speak.

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