What the f***ing f*** am I doing wrong?

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  1. I honestly do not know what I am doing wrong when it comes to befriending. I am fed up to the max with over analyzing everything I do.
    Is/has anyone had this problem?

  2. Explain/expand, please.
  3. I don't know what you're talking about......but if it's about sexual relations then why aren't you talking to me?

    I'm drunk.
  4. CT, I thought I was special! :(
  5. hahaha you are special. but you have a boyfriend. which is bullshittery. and if i lived close to you. you know i'd be all ova you :devious:
  6. i used to be like that until i accepted myself for who i am. and what i like. now i dont give a fuck what anybody thinks. i just tell it how it is. i used to be afraid to admit that i like dragon ball z, and pokemon. but who gives a fuck. im still a badass. and me liking shit like that makes me even cooler. you need to get full of your own shit. dont be a stereotype, be youserlf!
  7. No, just friends in general. I couldn't give a shit about finding a guy anymore.
  8. Do you consider yourself to have good friends?
  9. wtfisthisshit?
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    He was just trying to elaborate on how badly he wants some poon before the next few years of his life are consumed.
  11. You jelly? There's plenty of love to go around ;)

    yes lol. I'll be getting poon though just not in basic training. after that as soon as I put on my uniform and go out somewhere, it's a wrap :D

    anyway OP to answer your question, it's basically impossible to have a legit friendship with males without them wanting something more. of course there's exceptions but that's usually how it goes :\

    unless you're fat/ugly lol
  12. Make sure you check IDs! You don't want that nonsense.
  13. But I'm not talking about relationships with boys.. Ugh. :(
  14. wtf are you talking aboot? makes no sense.
  15. Friends, pals, buddies, mates!
  16. mmmkay...sooo how old are you? it will help make better judgements,,
  17. 18.. 19 in Oct.
  18. Ok so I'm assuming you're in college or have a job at least? It's not hard to make friends but I find most people make too big a deal about talking to others. You really just need to be yourself...maybe go to a bar get some drinks and sit next to some people and start casual conversations. It's as easy as that and just take it from there. It might seem awkward if you're in a new place, trust me I've been there but you got to start somewhere. You don't wanna be a lonely hermit that dies alone right. Am I going to far?

    Really if you're not a weird hunchback then you should be able to get out and meet some peeps. no biggie..
  19. Sweetheart, she's 18... Bars won't do.

    I've met a majority of my friends through other friends, Facebook, at festivals and work.
  20. Stay true to yourself, and demand excellence from anyone wanting to be your friend: why settle for mediocre friends when you can have one or two solid ones? Think 'quality', not 'quantity'.

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