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What the f** happened..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by foobar, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Growing my first plants ever I harvested one of them early, two weeks into flowering, since parts of the plant were affected by mould. Dried some good buds for a couple of days and then tried it in a vaporizor.
    Felt nothing until after 30 minuters when I got very sick. Head spinning and nauseous. Went unconscious for a minute and peed my pants before I woke up. Felt terrible for at least another full hour.
    My possible theories:

    Carbon monoxide poisoning
    An allergic chock

  2. My goodness, are there any other factors at play? How'd you get carbon monoxide poisoning, sounds like a dangerous room to be in

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  4. I have read elsewhere that CO gas can be an issue when smoking water pipes. But I am only guessing. I desperately want to know what made me so sick.
  5. 2 weeks into flower? Those must've tasted awful. Smoking that can definately make you feel sick mate. Doubt it's ever knocked anyone out though.
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  6. Im not sure it would make one sick, I know ppl who've smoked leaves and dead leaves from veg to harvest, maybe tho who knows

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  7. 2 weeks into flower their wouldnt of been any "good buds"
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  8. Good was in the context "No mould"
    I know they were premature
  9. But still, you dont expect to pass out, do you?
  10. Never said make you sick mate. I said make you feel sick. And It does, I've smoked half formed buds before plenty times. Try it if you want. You'll see for yourself. Wouldn't advise it though lol.
  11. Ok, so you say you can feel sick from half formed buds - that is the answer i have been looking for.
    Can anyone else confirm this?
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    I had my house broken into by some shit head teenagers awhile back and they discovered some of the plants I had. They stole the tops off a bunch of immature plants. I know their parents so it was handled privately. They got headaches and felt dizzy from the immature buds. Served them right. They should of waited until they were adults and politely asked me for some.

    Back in the day kids used to go out and pick the wild ditch weed we have growing around. Not knowing what they were doing they would often end up with headaches and feeling sick from smoking the plant material.

    2 weeks in flower you were smoking more of the other plant material then you were actual bud.
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  13. Wow, you guys get wild weed growing! Where on earth are you man I'm moving over!
    The weather's that shit here I'm lucky there's actual grass in my garden, never mind the useful kind. :(
  14. Wild hemp. Midwest USA. Used to be farmed here. It's not uncommon to find it along fields and country roads. It's nothing lucky
  15. Thanks all for the input. I was a bit hesitant trying again but now I guess I will give it a other shot, mature buds this time.

    Take care
  16. Just so you know, you aren't getting any CO when smoking from a water pipe
  17. Ahh, ditch weed sorta thing then? Surely still be alright for making extracts or something?
  18. That early there is no Trichomes and THC content to make it worth anything....
  19. No...not at all. Total garbage
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