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What the f#ck is this tar that flew out of my pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shadyonedeath, May 12, 2011.

  1. Is this concentrated THC tar? I was cleaning my pipe bowl with some iso alcohol and rinses the entire inside with hot water. I then blew it dry with my air compressor and this stuff started flying out so i collected it in curiosity.

    What is it? Is sticky, smells like a resin'd bowl and theres quite a bit of it..
  2. resin. it gets you pretty high and tastes like shit
  3. It's resin, or basically tar, a byproduct of the combustion of Cannabis.
  4. The only resin I know of is the caked on shit around the bowl, this stuff is gooey.

    What should/can I do with it?
  5. i cleaned out my piece a couple days ago. that stuff is without a doubt the messiest thing ive ever seen. i dont enjoy smoking it, but you can if you feel so obliged.
  6. Save it for a dry day, you won't regret it. (Unless its old as fuck)
  7. do whatever you want with it.... haha if you want to smoke it smoke it if no then throw it out haha
  8. will it stay stuck in my lungs?
  9. do you really have to ask that?

    its fucking black as death bro
  10. When you smoke anything tar gets stuck to your lungs, lmao. Smoking resin one time won't hurt you.

    It gets you pretty baked as well
  11. That's some fucked up shit bro... Lemme hit it.
  12. Wouldn't do it again myself, but it's smokable and will give a mild high. The high to me was 'groggy' but okay. It's up to you though, save it and you might thank yourself if you even run dry for a while.
  13. you can smoke it but it will only give you a short high usually with a headache on the comedown.
  14. looks like what i just shit in the toilet
  15. Normally I would smoke it, but didn't you say that you cleaned your bowl with iso?

    Not sure if it would be dangerous, but I wouldn't hit iso alcohol infused resin.

    Not 100% sure, but better to be safe, ya know?
  16. You should go see a doctor then...
  17. I generally like to take a big glob of it and swipe it somewhere like a door handle where someone will come along and open the door and get that shit on them and be like What The FUUUCK is this shit?? like at Target or something where they do not have auto matic doors. It is best if are near to actually see it happen and freshly baked. When I was an electrician, I would go into another electricians house or job and stab the wires down the resinous bowl stem and then put it back in the box. When it came time to final and you reach in to pull out the wires and hang the device you get resin all over your hands and are like What The FUUUCK?
    It is best if you actually see them get it on them or hear them. The lengths I am forced to go through just to get a laugh out of myself any more is rediculous. :eek:

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