What the f*** am I doing wrong??

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen of GC,

    I'm still a novice at this stuff but something has been giving me some headaches in my grows. I've used both HID and LED. I've used both coco and soil. I take great care in what I do and how I treat the ladies in the tent... I harvested two zips off a small auto the other day.

    It's dried already because the buds are still not right nugs..

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Here is a breakdown on what I have:

    - 4x4x7 Mylar tent
    - Mars 2 1200 + Mars 2 700 to add in for flowering
    - Canna Terra Pro soil
    - Canna nutes
    - 4 gal pots with air stones in the bottom to help oxygenate the roots.

    I really don't know where I'm going wrong, but I think it could be an MG lockout, or heat.

    Canna recommended a ph of 5.8-6.1, so I thought I would follow their regime because they made the stuff, they would know...right?

    Upped to 6.5 now and plants seem to be doing a little better. Too early to really tell though..

    Because I'm in Australia, the heat is bullshit hot here. I have successfully taken the temps down to around 85 in the middle of the day with the use of a portable air con blowing straight into the tent...

    I have heard that Led grows need a little more heat so the plants can transpire.

    What really pissed me off - I took a 10g nug off the plant. It's now light as a feather.


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    You need to add more pk.......0-10-10......an oxygen and photon molecule does nothing without FOOD

    It looks like you know what youre doing.....just missing the icing on the cake....you have to build the essential oils faster

    Yes led need more heat.....i like 6.5-7 ph.....your body is made of 7
  3. I added PK yesterday for the first time. Hoping to see some results. It only says to add it in for one week during flower (preferably week 3-4). But I'm guessing like anything, you give the plant what it needs? Unless it's burning leaves, drooping leaves or getting weird spots... I should be ok, right? Just keep feeding and watering..just add a little pk every now and then during flower?

  4. So, if I'm reading this right, you're growing in soil and you have air stones in the bottoms of the pots?
    Using air stones in soil is a new one for me. I've never heard of that.
    5.8-6.1 is a pH range typically recommended for hydroponic systems. 6.5 is generally recommended for soil growing.
    If you are putting air stones in potted soil, my guess would be that you are over watering.
    Got any pictures of the specific issues you are having?
  5. Pics of the airy buds? No. Not worth the data storage haha.

    I thought I was harvesting early. I know my hazes were supposed to finish at day 60-65 but they were 50%amber by day 48 so I cut em...

    I have one plant in there at the moment that I will just grow til the end of the 75 days... Just to see if I'm doing it too early and not giving time to fill out.

    But then what about the ambers? Do I trust the days or my eyes?

  6. Try adding 1/2 strength every water in flower.
  7. As for the air stones, they are great. Australia is damn hot so a little oxygen to the roots is needed. The water out of the taps can't hold much oxygen because it's around 28 degrees celcius. Optimal is 19 for oxygen in water...

    The trick was told to me by a grower with 25 years experience in Australia. Dude knew his shit! Kind of like my mentor, but I don't like to bother him with every little thing..

    I don't overwater at all. I wait til the pot is light as a feather, never earlier. Although this bitch I have growing now sucks around 4L of water ever 2-3 days. So damn hungry...

    I've made the mistake of overwatering a few times in my initial grows, but that hasn't happened at all this time. No droop at all, just reaching for the stars all the time..

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1423756186.090560.jpg

    This was is the white lsd auto that's the hungriest bitch I've ever had.. Needs to fill out more?

  8. "I have heard that Led grows need a little more heat so the plants can transpire."
    Heat (to a certain extent) helps vegging plants grow a little faster, but plants will grow fine as long as the light cycle temps are 70 (f) or higher, and dark cycle temps don't drop too low. Flowering plants definitely don't need heat to perform better. Heat will make them stretch more if that's what you want.
    "What really pissed me off - I took a 10g nug off the plant. It's now light as a feather."
    Buds lose around 75% of their weight when they dry. That's just a fact of life. Plants, like people, are made up of about 80% water.
  9. I can see through the bud haha. It's not a question of drying. I'd be happy if it was a solid nug. But it's not :(

    Temps can reach 90, but I'm always monitoring temps from a wireless display :) so they get the air con cranked if it goes past 86

  10. Stop adding cal mag till its deficient.

    You need more glucose molecules......sugar or nutes

    There was a guy that posted digested manure.....look that table up.

    Just pumping cal mag.....or calcium and magnesium into it.....doest mean those are what the plant needs......tap water has cal mag
  11. It looks to me like you are over fertilizing during flowering; adding more to try to push the the plants to perform instead of letting them perform. Very often people will find that less is more if they just be patient and not try to push. Most newbies (almost all I think) try to see how much nutrient strength the plants can handle (shooting for max strength they can get away with), when success actually comes much faster doing the reverse (see how little nutrients the plants need to be healthy, happy and vigorous).
    So many hacks are propagating bad advice on the internet now a days, it's no surprise that so many newbs struggle to get it right.
  12. Honestly, I think you could be right. But it has been accidental. I was told by everyone that you need to add 1ml/L of cal-mag to your water and nutes.
    Even the instructions on with the light (emailed) were staying that. Might give her a 6.5 watering tomorrow with just straight water. Clean her out a bit..

    You can imagine how much cal mag I've put in on that advice...

    Every watering bar one.

  13. Phosphorus retards stretch......how can you have over done nutes?......only the wrong ratio

    I can break a chemical reaction and eukaryotic cell table for everyone but......no one will know what im talking about.
  14. Less cal mag....more physical training....looking at your auto pic....the light could be 25% closer too
  15. "Mind you, these autos aren't growing fast either. So could be bombardment of shit into the soil."
    I didn't see that you are growing autos. I've never grown autos, but I know they have their own little quirks. I generally don't even like to offer any advice with autos because I have no experience with them.
    I am curious though why so many people are growing autos these days? Is it so you can grow from seeds with less veg time than conventional fem seeds (not being snarky, just genuinely curious)?
    Also, on the air stone in soil thing, have you tried adding more perlite to the soil instead of an air stone and done side by side comparisons? That's the best way to dial in your system; testing side by side to see what works and what doesn't.
    Temp's are pretty high, and they get up to 90F.  In a tent.  We don't even know what the humidity levels are...
    Don't you suppose OP's slow growth might be due to retarded respiration and reduced photosynthetic rates because leaf stomata are closed to prevent excessive water loss?
    Just a thought...

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