What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by phattiedubz, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Who's seen it?
    I watched it over the winterbreak of 2007 and it changed my life completely.
    I loved every bit of information it had to share.
    It seems just so logical and credible, it's hard for me to say I am in disbelief of what it talks about.

    Quantum physics is such a remarkable discovery in science, and has led me to become a strong spiritualist now in my maturing.

    for ex, when someone calls you unexpectedly and you just so happen to be thinking about that exact person, i do not believe that it's coinsidence, i believe it to be just the universe speaking to you, and that was exactly supposed to happen. it's beautiful.
  2. Sorry to fuck with your revelations or whatever dude, but a lot of stuff from that movie is completely hypothetical and much of it is partially rejected by the scientific community. Look at the credits on the speakers at the end- they're all professors of "new age science" or psychology. Although I myself was fascinated and mystified by the movie, its better to regard it as more of a spiritual movie than scientific.

    Note: this is completely about the quantum mechanics section of the film.
  3. It was pretty damn interesting. But yeah its tough to tell whats hypothetical, and whats proven in the film.
  4. Lots of pseudoscience in that film.

    It was produced by the "channeler" and con artist JZ Knight for Rathma's School of Enlightenment.
  5. ya dude it changed my life to but i dont really believe in all of it, or really the majority of it but its underlying message is indisputable: have confidence!

    and another indisputable idea it presents, that your entire reality is just your singular perception, makes you stop and think about shit
  6. I saw it in the theatre and thought it was interesting. I think I have to re-watch it though.

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