What the Alt-right gets Wrong about Western Culture

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jane_Bellamont, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Something to think about..

    We've all heard the Right talk about how Western culture is superior to Islamic culture, as it is comparatively more accepting of gays and has progressive views on women's rights, etc.

    This in fact is correct. Here's what they get wrong:

    Christianity is not to thank for this. The enlightenment is. and of course.. the civil rights movements that took place in the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.

    Western countries are superior to Islamic countries not because one religion is better than the other, but because Western countries tend to have more separation of church and state than Islamic countries.

    So by all means, I'm in favour of muslims converting to modern, rational Western culture .. that is, as long as they don't become irrational, right-wing Christian fundamentalists.. and as long as the right-wing Christian fundamentalists give up their extremist views and lead by example. :cool:
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  2. Also - Jesus is Love, not Hate. :rave-girl:
  3. Jane
    The key word in your post above is "rational".
    I don't mind where you're from or what you believe as long as you behave rationally and live in peace with your neighbor.
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  4. all religions are evil. And the use of the word rational while speaking about ANY religion is an oxymoron isn't it?
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  5. I don't think the ALT-RIGHT movement believes they're superior, if so that's the first time I'm hearing about this ever. All civilizations including Islam has contributed to mankind and has exchange ideas that change mankind's course. Unfortunately we have it backwards, the Iranians would be the progressive and Saudi Arabia is still in the dark age in terms of today; then again persia was where the enlightenment period occurred for islam.

    I believe many in the ALT RIGHT find that their forefathers created the greatest document in the world at a time much of the world was ruled by tyrant monarchies. Within that time period those ideas that were penned were by far progressive. The path of freedom has came along way through trials and tribulations to the point we're now, where we have African Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans, European American, Hispanic Americans, and etc.. all contributing to this great society due to the constitution.

    The problem occurs when people from an antiquated civilization wants to immigrated into the USA, fair, but another question should be asked, can this group of people assimilate within the USA? Hence I support the President Trump point based immigration policy, those who are more educated, accomplished, and has a desire are more likely to succeed and contribute within our society.
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  6. Good point, Christianity has had 600 more years to rise and fall. Islam is basically where 1400s Christianity was.

    One point of clarification -- there's the Alt-Light and Alt-Right. The AL supports civic/cultural nationalism whereas the AR is white nationalist. Think Milo vs. Richard Spencer.
  7. Exactly. If you want to crawl out of your shithole and assimilate into western culture and enjoy all the benefits of our severely limited freedom then by all means, come on over. If you want to come on over and bring the bullshit that made you want to come here in the first place then we have no vacancy.
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  8. exactly! why does it seem so divisive to simply ask that the poeple who come to our country assimilate peacefully and can actually provide for themselves and family, as opposed to becoming another customer of the welfare state?
    Seems pretty basic qualifiers to me.

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