What the actual fuck?

Discussion in 'General' started by thelizardkin, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I just found this website Black Swan Haven v 2.0 it's where people go to donate blood for crazy people who think they're real vampires to drink how is this even legal there are people out there dying because they need blood transfusions and we're fucking giving some to vampires
  2. Dude that's my favorite shit. Order my blood from there all the time. Real bloody Mary's. mmmm. For realz doh
  3. haha what thee fuuuck,

    some peoples kids..
  4. For some reason, I expected this thread to be another "My Subway is missing" thread. :laughing:

    I can't remember why, but I've heard of this before. Some people is fucked up, mang.
  5. Hahaha so did I, it would of been even funnier the 3rd time.
  6. Only you would find that site :3 <3
  7. Yeah thats murica for you
  8. *sigh* I died a little on the inside reading that lol
  9. If it was illegal to give your own blood to anybody you want, I'd commit suicide by giving all my blood to somebody.

  10. But it should be beacuse of aids and other blood trasferible illness

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