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What that plants?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 乔庆龙, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. They are our local wild variety、the local variety. and they are not have broad leaves, they have slender leaves. The height should be about 1.77m.
    So ,are they Indica or Sativa? hybrid? I want :smiley-rolling-joint: to know what varieties they belong to.
  2. I'm guessing from the lack of close up photos that you don't want to be caught anywhere near those wherever you're at. It looks to be predominantly indica from what I can see
  3. I thought the very same thing!
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  4. You're in the wrong forum.
  5. Maybe they are weed edibles for cows?
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  6. :thankyou: Thank you very much.
    Because they are crops, so no dangers. which grow in the field outside the “美源山水游乐谷” ,and are far away from the gate. My cell phone's pixel is not good, if I'm all right tomorrow, I'll take a bus over there to take some pictures at close range.:biggrin:
  7. If cattle and pigs eat cannabis plants, they are poisoned.
  8. DOGS do not appear HARMED.
    But.... who knows for sure?
  9. :p
  10. My father-in-law, my wife, I need to draw out the hemp, and the other side of me, the cannabis is my death. Because of my father-in-law, I lived in village village.
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  11. I also was shocked so I researched it

    And also, I don't know your province but it's very possible those roadside plants you see are very much cannabis plants with high-cannabinoids, especially if you are in the south near the Himalaya mountains and Nepal. In Nepal the wild cannabis is very potent and it grows on the side of the road just like your pictures and it is both Indica and Sativa. They should start flowering after the fall solstice and then you'll be able to determine more. Can't tell much now. But be careful. :sneaky:

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