What tent should I buy?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Eric111E, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I want to order a tent for my first grow but im not sure which tent would be best. Im gonna use a 250 watt HPS because I dont think I could handle any more heat than that would put off right now. Im looking at the homebox S and XS. I am also looking at the Darkroom 60 and 80.

    Im going to grow 2 plants. Out of a 2'8x2'8x5'3 or a 24"x24"x55", which tent would use the light more efficiently?
    Also, would a 172cfm vortex be powerful enough or should I go with the 449cfm vortex. This setup is going to be in my walk in closet in my apartment, and I dont have a air vent in the closet, if I left the door open would I be able to keep good temps? The closet is 76 right now
  2. Just my 2 cents but if you are planning on keeping the door open why waste money on a expensive tent. The most convenient thing about them is that they are made with built in vent flanges for intake and exhaust and hardware to hang lights. If I were in the same situation and were going to make sure the door was open every day during light cycles, I would take that tent money and buy some reflectix or mylar and line my closet, a couple hooks and chain from the hardware store for hanging lights, and the rest of the money on good lighting. Unless you are going to install some air vents in your closet somehow or at the very least some type exhaust, perhaps out of a former light socket with ducting, I don't think a grow tent is going to help you much inside of a closed or open closet. Temps will climb very quickly once the lights cut on and your closet is closed up.
  3. Screw that DIY tent. DONE.
  4. Im also going to be running a cool tube. I guess I could exhaust air through the light socket. Do you think I would still have heat issues? I cant use my whole closet, im just looking for a small setup thats easy to control
  5. I have a 600w in a 4x4x6.5" tent and no heat issues.

    Its an air cooled glass lensed reflector. Intake in the top of the fixture, exhaust out the side of the fixture and out the top of the tent, then outside.
  6. Does anyone know which tent would be better for a 250w light with optimal efficiency?
  7. Im going with a homebox S. Its 31.5"x31.5"x63. Should I buy a 449 cfm vortex or a 172 cfm vortex? If I get a fan speed controller and slow the 6" down it will be quieter than the 4" correct?

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